REVIEW : Lunar Nuna, Dessert cafe with Korean Style

I ever heard about Luna Nuna since I watched TV and Aom Sushar Manaying was promoting her brand new business called "Lunar Nuna". Actually I interested when I went with Miyuki at Siam Square One due to she wanted to buy some skincare at EVEANDBOY and we passed this cafe exactly. Until Miyuki's birthday was… Continue reading REVIEW : Lunar Nuna, Dessert cafe with Korean Style


The Urbanist Chapter 9 “Kate” part 3

Manaw!!! What are you thinking with me? Why do you lie me? Why do you seduce me to love you? Why do you make me as your lust product? What is relationship did you give to me? What is your heart? Who is Kate? Who!!! Answer now bitch! . . . . . . "Praewa!!… Continue reading The Urbanist Chapter 9 “Kate” part 3

ART BOX THAILAND… WOW!!! That’s indie.

I ever walked to another flea market that ever opened at Bangkok and another province. Now teenagers loved to walk at flea market more than past times. Because modern flea market isn't bad smell and isn't have some gross stuffs at earlier age of flea market. Modern flea market is really beautiful, nice atmosphere and… Continue reading ART BOX THAILAND… WOW!!! That’s indie.

Let’s go to Caturdaycatcafe, one of the cutest cafe in Bangkok.

If I talk about cafe, you may think about coffee, milk or dating place. Yes. Cafe is really dating place for couple thinks first. And if this cafe have cats to welcome you? That is really lovely!! Do you want some cats sit, sleep or want to play with you when you eat some drinks… Continue reading Let’s go to Caturdaycatcafe, one of the cutest cafe in Bangkok.