Rules of 35mm lens

If you research about street photography from library, websites, news or asking street photographers, many photographers recommend you to take street photography with 35mm focal length. You can also use kit lens with 35mm focal length to take street photography! But do you know why many photographers prefer using 35mm lens to photograph on street?… Continue reading Rules of 35mm lens


When people use smartphone more than computer

You must design ads for smartphone now! Today when I opened smartphone to check notifications on Facebook, LINE and Instagram, before I tapped notification zone, I saw many contents on social network had vertical size. And looked like these were easy to read at smartphone that smartphone's display was vertical and 9:16 aspect ratio. But… Continue reading When people use smartphone more than computer

Why blog is greater than Facebook (or another social network)?

Finally I feel lucky very much about I love to write my blog more than playing Facebook. Facebook is one of the most influence social network in Thailand ever, but there are something that I feel upset about Facebook. Another social network such as Twitter, I really like about it. Twitter's timeline is realtime, not… Continue reading Why blog is greater than Facebook (or another social network)?

The best camera app ever on iOS and Android! (for blogger)

Looks like camera from smartphone is very necessary for blogger because some bloggers (such as me) don't want carrying heavy DSLR camera to take some photos and in this time cloud storage is more advance than earlier years. I remembered about when I was teenager who like to write blog, I uses Nokia feature phone… Continue reading The best camera app ever on iOS and Android! (for blogger)

Why should you cancel subscription of Apple Music?

Music streaming is good, you can listen it every time you want and you can listen it without saving music files to your physical storage. If you wanted to listen another new songs that just be published, you can listen full song easily without enduring listen bad quality in Youtube. And when you listen that… Continue reading Why should you cancel subscription of Apple Music?