Thonglor in 2018


I also update Thonglor zone in Bangkok, Thailand every year, and now Thonglor is changed too much. So this is my suggestions for nightlife travelers. Continue reading “Thonglor in 2018”


When I changed my works to VLOG


Don’t worry, my street photography isn’t stopped. It’s still be continued.

But I research something until I know the better way of photography.

I will do VLOG. Continue reading “When I changed my works to VLOG”

A guide to photograph in Bangkok


If you talk about Bangkok, you also think about street food first because Bangkok is one of the greatest street food city in The world. But do you know? Bangkok is the city you can take very beautiful photos as you want. Many places are built for letting you photograph for your need. If you travel to Bangkok, you may in love this city until you want to live permanently.

Continue reading “A guide to photograph in Bangkok”

Think carefully before you buy Sony cameras


Last year, many photographers interested new Sony camera called “A9” with beyond technology and trendsetter of modern digital camera. Sony haven’t been lost their way of manufacturing their camera with mirrorless technology. Sony is the trendsetter of mirrorless camera that doesn’t focus what photographer need, but for new technology of camera. And now Sony mirrorless camera can beat DSLR camera with picture quality or conveniences from mirrorless system, but except battery issue hahaha. Continue reading “Think carefully before you buy Sony cameras”