Future of nightlife society in Thailand

For Thailand, look like government created new law about alcoholic drink control since 2007 and this law I think it is depriving human who has freedom to decide. Why the hell does government control alcoholic drink sale time? What are they thinking? Continue reading “Future of nightlife society in Thailand”


BLOG-GER-DAY Event discussion

I never went to any blog party as same as this. Actually, there were some events that ever went, but that event wasn’t real blogger meeting event. It was Apple fans meeting that had Apple devices such as iPhone, Apple Watch, iPod, Macbook, etc to discuss and watch Apple event together. That was called “MacThai event.” I ever came to MacThai event due to I wanted to watch WWDC opening and iPhone opening event in 2015. But in 2016 or later, MacThai had not organized Apple user meeting. So I never came to blogger event again. Continue reading “BLOG-GER-DAY Event discussion”

Let’s choose Oshimen of BNK48!!

Finally, BNK48, brand new girl group in Thailand debuted as grand opening on early June at EmQuartier, Bangkok. There were many fanclubs came and cheers to BNK 48 a lot. I didn’t go to this debut, but I saw to many fancam and I was fallen in love with “Aitakata” song that was upbeat and catchy sound. Continue reading “Let’s choose Oshimen of BNK48!!”

REVIEW : Lunar Nuna, Dessert cafe with Korean Style

I ever heard about Luna Nuna since I watched TV and Aom Sushar Manaying was promoting her brand new business called “Lunar Nuna”. Actually I interested when I went with Miyuki at Siam Square One due to she wanted to buy some skincare at EVEANDBOY and we passed this cafe exactly. Continue reading “REVIEW : Lunar Nuna, Dessert cafe with Korean Style”

Cosplays at AFA 2017 @Royal Paragon Hall, Siam Paragon

I don’t know who decide to use area in front of Royal Paragon Hall to be appointment of cosplays. Not only AFA, but every events about Otaku’s interesting, such as AFA, Thailand Comic Con, TGS BIG FEST, but that’s so good because I can take photos to practice my skills. Continue reading “Cosplays at AFA 2017 @Royal Paragon Hall, Siam Paragon”

When people use smartphone more than computer

You must design ads for smartphone now!

Today when I opened smartphone to check notifications on Facebook, LINE and Instagram, before I tapped notification zone, I saw many contents on social network had vertical size. And looked like these were easy to read at smartphone that smartphone’s display was vertical and 9:16 aspect ratio. Continue reading “When people use smartphone more than computer”