Let’s go to Moomin Cafe

Due to Miyuki needed to eat desserts at Siam Center, so I needed to recommend her immediately. Moomin is Finnish cartoon that use Spanish language to dub. I never know well about Moomin, just know only Belle mentioned it. In Pinky Promise, she said about Moomin that it's eyes looked like her. After that, Moomin… Continue reading Let’s go to Moomin Cafe


Review : Sorry I’m hungry, the mysterious hamburger from the heaven!

Do you know I love cheese a lot! When I see ads on Facebook and I see Sorry I'm hungry's ads post, I feel in love with that hamburger and I want to share immediately. Look at that cheese!! That is same as Niangara waterfall at the America. It is so soft and nice to… Continue reading Review : Sorry I’m hungry, the mysterious hamburger from the heaven!

The adventure at BADMOTEL. (Part 2)

Looked like I had guest to be my wing. Her name was Jane. She worked as booth babe and more freelance jobs. Her blood type was B (again!!!?). Now she came with me to enter secret party from BADMOTEL. "Is it BADMOTEL?" Jane asked. "Yes." I answered. "That's not bad." Jane said. "Ah!!! I heard… Continue reading The adventure at BADMOTEL. (Part 2)

The last hope (End)

"Hi" I said to Pomelo. Today Pomelo was really beautiful. She wore blue sexy costume. Her hairstyle was long. Her eyes were small, but not small as Jane. Her body was medium but she extended her beauty and attraction by increasing her boob size with plastic surgery. Although her boobs were fake, but for men… Continue reading The last hope (End)


Long time ago I wanted to write this article to let everyone read this. But I couldn't do that. Because that time I doesn't translate Hormones The Series successfully. Now this time is for this article! Wow!!! That's really great to create new article that was from really Campzzz. For my blog, if I didn't… Continue reading ART BOX THAILAND @THE EM DISTRICT

The charming from Pizza Company

Long time ago, pizza cafe with delivery service was very popular. I don't know why but every time I ate piece of pizza, I felt fallen in love with that delicious pizza that its smell was very good. When my mom opened box of pizza, there were many attractive topping that brought me eating them. Ah...… Continue reading The charming from Pizza Company

Review Pretzel Ball. Worth to eat?

Looks like at Auntie Anne's has new menu that you may shocked. Actually this menu I ever saw at Art Box Thailand. Is this better than cheese ball in Art Box Thailand? Can this be worth to eat? Let's check it out. Someday at Terminal 21 I felt interesting about some menu at Auntie Anne's… Continue reading Review Pretzel Ball. Worth to eat?