Dual cameras from smartphone review

Finally, I got Xiaomi Mi A1, smartphone with dual cameras due to my earlier smartphone was broken (bricked). I researched many smartphones to buy and I decided buying Xiaomi Mi A1. My Xiaomi Mi A1 is Android One smartphone that is based with Pure Android OS. Actually, I need Pure Android smartphone for long time… Continue reading Dual cameras from smartphone review


35mm VS 50mm : Which lens is better for street photography?

Street photography is one of the funnest photo shooting I have ever taken. I can go to anywhere that have much people and I equip my lovely mirrorless camera to take photos. Because everyone in my photos can be great model! So I love to take a lot. Before I took street photography, I took… Continue reading 35mm VS 50mm : Which lens is better for street photography?

What is mirrorless camera made for?

Micro Four Third camera? Meh!!! That's not for professional! APS-C? No! That's for only new-entry! You must use full frame!! You must use full-frame!! Full frame is master race! Stop your belief about full frame sensor size camera is master race that can do everything. Why Micro our Third cameras were born? Because they had… Continue reading What is mirrorless camera made for?

[AD] BLOG-GER-DAY teaser

"Wow!!!" I screamed without caring everyone who were near me at Siam Center. "Hey!!! What are you screaming?" Miyuki asked me back. "Look at this." I said and picked my smartphone to Miyuki. She saw that and smile to me!!! When bloggers meet together, how much do they say, share and enjoy? August 1 2017… Continue reading [AD] BLOG-GER-DAY teaser

Grease Mon-Sat story

Hello, I'm Rondo. Today I will say about my love. Do you think being Casanova or have too much girlfriend and you will be the best men in the world? First time I think about that, but finally, cheating relationship will get bad result. That result is the dark void in my life. Actually, I… Continue reading Grease Mon-Sat story

Edit photos like photos from film camera

Now many camera was digital, not film as same as past, but some photographers wants film camera to use due to they're good at film camera. They says that's suitable for me. True fact of film camera was... full frame sensor with affordable price. For digital camera, full frame was so really expensive. Their price… Continue reading Edit photos like photos from film camera