1 year experience of Sony a6000

I bought Sony a6000 in April 2017. Now this was 1 year later. I loved this camera so much. I remembered when I went out from my home, I needed to pick my Sony a6000 to take candid photos on streets in Bangkok after I finished working for each days. I enjoyed photographing too much… Continue reading 1 year experience of Sony a6000


How to lose weight fast for 5 tips!

How to lose weight fast If you are a man who wants to lose weight, but you do not know how to reduce it properly, this article has answers for you. 1. One of the most important things is not exercise but diet control. Some people exercise every day, but why is still fat? Good… Continue reading How to lose weight fast for 5 tips!

Top 10 Street food thai you should not miss !

 1 . Somtum If you are talking about Thai food with a spicy taste. In addition to thinking of Tom Yam. I believe that somtam is a name that people think of top . Somtum is a favorite food for mayny people . The taste of the papaya is unique, it is hot spicy hot, sometimes the… Continue reading Top 10 Street food thai you should not miss !

Go to Commart Joy 2018 (many cute girls are here)

Commart is one of the most IT fair in Bangkok. It still exhibits in Queen Sirikit National convention center. But next year, Commart will be exhibit in another place due to Queen Sirikit National convention center will be renovated for 2 or 3 years for bigger place. Highlight of Commart is too many IT goods… Continue reading Go to Commart Joy 2018 (many cute girls are here)

When Facebook isn’t our home…

Since Facebook announced about ads system and news feed algorithm, many Facebook page administrators controverted about post reach rate that still lower every months. Until many bloggers (such as me) warned Facebook content creators to move yourself to other platform or create your owned website or blog. That's really deserved. Finally, content creators from Facebook… Continue reading When Facebook isn’t our home…

Dual cameras from smartphone review

Finally, I got Xiaomi Mi A1, smartphone with dual cameras due to my earlier smartphone was broken (bricked). I researched many smartphones to buy and I decided buying Xiaomi Mi A1. My Xiaomi Mi A1 is Android One smartphone that is based with Pure Android OS. Actually, I need Pure Android smartphone for long time… Continue reading Dual cameras from smartphone review

35mm VS 50mm : Which lens is better for street photography?

Street photography is one of the funnest photo shooting I have ever taken. I can go to anywhere that have much people and I equip my lovely mirrorless camera to take photos. Because everyone in my photos can be great model! So I love to take a lot. Before I took street photography, I took… Continue reading 35mm VS 50mm : Which lens is better for street photography?