Talad Noi: The Hidden Village Inside Bangkok

If you are looking for a place to explore the rich history and culture of Bangkok’s Chinatown, you might want to visit Talad Noi. Talad Noi, which means “small market” in Thai, is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Bangkok. It is a riverside community that has been home to ethnic Chinese since the late 18th century.

Talad Noi is not as crowded or touristy as Yaowarat Road, the main street of Chinatown. Instead, it offers a glimpse into the authentic and charming life of the locals. You can wander through the narrow alleyways and discover historic temples, colonial mansions, colorful shop houses, and street art. You can also see the unique sight of piles of used car parts outside the workshops that specialize in repairing and recycling old vehicles.

Talad Noi is a hidden gem that will captivate you with its nostalgic atmosphere and friendly vibe. Here are some of the highlights that you should not miss when you visit this fascinating neighborhood.

Wat Pathumkongka

This temple is located next to the Sieng Kong Zone, where you can see heaps of car parts and old Vespas. The temple has a striking white stupa and a golden Buddha statue on its grounds. It is a peaceful place to admire the architecture and learn about Buddhism.

Chùa Khánh Vân

This is a small Chinese temple that shows up as Wat Uphai Ratbamrung on maps. It has a colorful roof and a courtyard with statues of animals and deities. It is a place where locals come to pray and make offerings.

Baan Bu

This is a community of bronze artisans who have been making bowls and utensils for generations. You can watch them work with traditional tools and techniques, and buy some of their products as souvenirs.

Soi Nana

This is a trendy street that has been transformed into a hipster hangout. You can find cafes, bars, galleries, and boutiques that cater to the young and creative crowd. You can also enjoy live music and art events at night.

River View Guest House

This is a cozy and affordable place to stay in Talad Noi. It has a rooftop terrace that offers stunning views of the Chao Phraya River and the city skyline. You can also rent bicycles from here and explore the neighborhood at your own pace.

Talad Noi is a place where you can experience the old and new sides of Bangkok’s Chinatown. It is a place where you can immerse yourself in the local culture and history, while enjoying some modern amenities and entertainment. It is a place where you can find hidden treasures and surprises around every corner.


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