How about designer toy community in Thailand?

If you are a fan of designer toys, you might want to check out the vibrant and creative scene in Thailand. Designer toys are collectible art pieces that are often inspired by pop culture, comics, anime, graffiti, and more. They can be made of various materials, such as vinyl, resin, wood, metal, or even recycled materials.

How about designer toy community in Thailand?

Thailand has a rich history and culture of craftsmanship and artistry, which is reflected in the diversity and quality of its designer toy industry. Some of the most popular and influential Thai designer toy artists include:


Quiccs, designer toy maker

Quiccs is a Filipino artist who is based in Bangkok. He is known for his signature style of combining hip-hop, graffiti, and mecha elements in his toys. His most famous creation is the TEQ63, a futuristic soldier with a gas mask and a boombox.


Kwai from COARSE

COARSE is a duo of German artists who have been living and working in Bangkok since 2003. They create stunning sculptures that explore the themes of life, death, and nostalgia. Their toys are often large-scale and highly detailed, with realistic textures and expressions.


JPX is a collaboration between two Thai artists, Pobber and Mighty Jaxx. They specialize in producing licensed toys based on popular characters from movies, games, comics, and cartoons. Some of their notable works include Godzilla, Spongebob Squarepants, Adventure Time, and Star Wars.

6 28 (Six TwentyEight)

6 28 is a Japanese artist who moved to Thailand in 2014. He is famous for his cute and colorful toys that feature his original character, MITT. MITT is a bulldog who loves to ride on bumper cars with different animal friends.

Too Natthapong

Too Natthapong is a Thai artist who creates whimsical and adorable toys that are inspired by nature and fairy tales. His most well-known character is Greenie & Elfie, a pair of elephants who go on magical adventures in the forest.

These are just some of the many talented and innovative designer toy artists in Thailand. If you want to discover more, you can visit some of the online platforms and events that showcase their works, such as:

Playhouse: Playhouse is a Thai online store that sells designer toys from local and international artists. They also organize exhibitions and pop-up shops to promote the designer toy culture in Thailand.

Thailand Toy Expo: Thailand Toy Expo is an annual event that is held in Bangkok. It is one of the largest and most prestigious designer toy conventions in Asia. It attracts thousands of visitors and hundreds of exhibitors from around the world.

Art Toy Thailand: Art Toy Thailand is a Facebook group that connects designer toy enthusiasts in Thailand. It is a place where they can share their collections, news, reviews, tips, and more.

Designer toys are more than just toys. They are expressions of art, culture, and personality. They are also a way to support independent artists and their visions. If you are looking for something unique and meaningful to add to your collection or to give as a gift, why not consider designer toys from Thailand? You might be surprised by what you find.

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