2023, year of the designer toy

Welcome to the designer toy and vector artwork portfolio website of an artist, Pisit Tardging.

Designer toy prototype

I focus on representing my desire inside my mind, thus creating those simple shapes and sticking to the human philosophy to be the unique elements. My creations are the collages that I use to illuminate the surreal elements of digital creations to be the real life.


Recent VECTOR Works

I am creating on new projects. If you want to say hi, please get in touch.


Bangkok Ideal Life

Bangkok Ideal Life is the fiction about Bangkok people’s ideal lifestyle that wish to live with classy life. They want to upgrade their life to be better. In Thailand, Bangkok…

My sketches

All of my artworks have a strict method to create. I focus about sketching first, then coloring method. I believe about the good sketch can bring each artwork to be…

Earlier NFT works

I started doing NFT projects since August 2021 with the technique of creating art in that era. I’ve been searching for myself for over a year, experimenting with vector and…

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