What is street photography?

“Um… Photo that is taken at street?”

“As same as Street Fighter?”

“No!!!! Do you want to blow Hadouken?”

I agree about Street Photography is photograph that is taken at the street! But… Do you know street photography is the hardest to take it perfect. The easiest is product photo shooting and moderate hard is portrait.

The charm of street photography is same as completed sentences, such as Noun + Verb + Objective. Meanwhile portrait or landscape is only noun. One photo can tell what it is without any fake or imagined description that photographers try to create it. Everyone is a model with their hidden charm inside them. I can unlock that charm to show you!!

This isn’t documentary photography. No boring knowledge in classroom, but be lively!

My favorite focal length is normal.

That means I always use 50mm (Full frame), 35mm (APS-C), 25mm (M4/3) or zoom 2x, 2.2x on my smartphone camera. This focal length is perfect for me to capture unexpected moments on the street. Because street photography is the art of instinct, so I will do my best.

Many street photographers recommend beginner to try moderate wide angle (35mm for Full Frame), but I try it. Oh no. Not good for me.




Which camera can I take street photos?

Every cameras that can be portable can take street photography. Your smartphone is too.

For smartphone, I recommend zooming at 1.5x (35mm focal length) or 2.2x (50mm focal length). Many smartphone cameras start with 24mm focal length.

DSLR is good choice to take street photography, but it is spotted easily. Keep using prime lens or pancake lens to decrease spotting.

Mirrorless camera is the best choice to take street photography because friendly design, small until many people know you’re using compact camera. It’s true when usual people know mirrorless camera is compact camera due to mirrorless camera often uses rangefinder camera shape. If you want to be serious street photographer, please start mirrorless camera with rangefinder shape.

I can’t dare to take photos with¬†stranger. How to fix this?

That’s too hard if you aren’t friendly to anyone. But don’t worry. You think you’re friendly first and keep taking photos without asking permission. Take it, take it and take it. 99% of people I have taken street photography never have problem to take photos without permissions.

More reason, you keep taking perfect shot to them. Many people still have charm, but charm happens randomly. But many people lose their charm due to they want to pose for letting you take photos. You should think “I’m a man who capture your best moment to you. I am helping you.”

2017-10-06 08.55.27 1

If they detect your taking photos, you move camera to other angle naturally. Do as same as finding best shot. The best street photography shot is… They don’t know you are taking photos, and you will get beautiful picture. You can make ordinal girl to be beautiful with your street photography.

Keep going and practice.


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