Portrait photography is the photography that requires models to take photos. If I take photos with someone and no permissions, that’s candid photos. Since before I started taking photos seriously, my close friends named Haruka invited me to take photos. Then I practiced portrait photography with her until now.

Know about models



Blood type : B (The Rebel)
Model style : Luxury, Cute, Idol
Social Rank : S
First meet : Real estate office

Actually, her name is Thanchanok Wichananon who inspires “DJ Layla” character in The Urbanist 2. She has 2 nicknames, such as Mook (มุก) = Pearl and Muay (หมวย) = sister in Chinese language. First time I met her at real estate office since May 2016. After that, I didn’t meet her until Haruka quit from my main model, so she is my main model in 2018.

Her personality is so luxury, love society too much. She has her real close friend who still be with her. Actually, she doesn’t have experiences of modeling. Her job is noble international sales consultant who works at the most popular real estate company in Bangkok.

*Note : Margarita in Latin means “Pearl” and “Pearl” means “Mook” (มุก) in Thailand.


2017-11-03 06.10.03 2

Blood type : O (The Hero)
Model style : Luxury, street, idol
Social rank : B
First meet : BIG Auto sale 2014

Peat is the girl who ever was promotional model with Carryboy brand in BIG Auto Sale 2014. She loves traveling to somewhere a lot, but she needs someone who can go with her. After she worked as promotional model in 2014, she came back to her hometown to be teacher. Then she decided to come Bangkok again in 2016 with her friends who were promotional model for doing her dream to be success.

In December 2016, she worked as secretary in some office at Asok zone. That time she met me as teammate. Then May 2017, she quit from that company to do her dreams as skincare and cosmetics sales manager and consultant due to working at company in Asok made her to feel unhappy.

After she quit, she always connect to me for taking photos at somewhere. She is my main model who is used for reviewing my new lens, camera angling and new position.

Her charm is her white skin, but her eyes are so small as same as Chinese girl, so taking her to be beautiful is so hard. Making her smile and take photo is better choice.



Blood type : B (The Rebel)
Model style : Sexy, Rebel
Social Rank : S
First meet : Motor Show 2017

June is one of the most famous promotional model in Thailand due to her shape is so really healthy and her boobs are really good shape. She never belongs to any magazine model. Her charm is unique and doesn’t duplicate to anyone.

Her main job is promotional model at some hall exhibitions or race queen on racing circuit. Sometimes she hires as model in portrait photography trips.



Blood type : O (The Hero)
Model style : Sexy
Social Rank : C
First meet : Metalex 2017

Her shape is similar as June, but her skin color is tanned. Her charm is her eyes that can contact to anything. She works as promotional model with small booths. But in future, she will be famous promotional model if Thai people love tanned skin girls like Eye.

DJ Layla


Blood type : B (The Rebel)
Model style : Street, Rebel
Social rank : B
First meet : 72 Courtyard Countdown and HNY 2018

DJ Layla isn’t true model, but she is DJ who ever worked at New York. Then she came to Bangkok with her friends to do DJ jobs at Bangkok. Easiest way to take her photos is taking without permissions.

Pui2017-12-02 04.58.45 1

Blood tyle : B (The Rebel)
Model style : Street
Social rank : C
First meet : Metalex 2016

Pui is Peat’s close friend who invited Peat to go to Bangkok for hunting her dream. Pui isn’t 100% promotional model. She works as MC with any booth. Actually, she loves traveling a lot. Look like she has owned assets.



Blood type : A (The Role Model)
Model style : Idol
Social Rank : Unknown
First meet : Photo Fair 2017

She is Chinese girl who love anime or Japanese culture. Actually, she isn’t real promotional model so you can meet her rarely. Pin is Chinese girl who have double eyelids. Her charm is her smile that come from her heart.



Blood type : B (The Rebel)
Model style : Sexy
Social Rank : SS
First meet : Manufacturing Expo 2017

Chompoo is one of model that is belonged to FHM magazine. She has very nice smile. She is really popular with racing photographer.



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