Insight of Jane’s love

Finally I have many passions to write this article. Looks like Jane's love moments can suitable with me a lot due to Jane have rebel character that attracts to everyone. For foreground of Jane, she is really cheeky or talk with explicit feeling, but she is very sincere. I watched Hormones The Series season 2… Continue reading Insight of Jane’s love


Hormones The Series 3 episode 10 revealed!

Finally I translated episode 10 successfully. If you love your favorite character, choose stories below. ZomZom's stories in episode 10 (recommended to read) Jane's stories in episode 10 (extend sweet moments with Sun) Sun's stories in episode 10 Kanompang's stories in episode 10 Dao & Koi's stories in episode 10 (very short) Oil's stories in… Continue reading Hormones The Series 3 episode 10 revealed!