[AD] BLOG-GER-DAY teaser

"Wow!!!" I screamed without caring everyone who were near me at Siam Center. "Hey!!! What are you screaming?" Miyuki asked me back. "Look at this." I said and picked my smartphone to Miyuki. She saw that and smile to me!!! When bloggers meet together, how much do they say, share and enjoy? August 1 2017… Continue reading [AD] BLOG-GER-DAY teaser


The COMMONS : The heaven at the center of Thonglor

What do you want? Do you ever come to Bangkok?  What do you need?  Do you need workplace with nature? This place is calling you! Congratulations! You're not salaryman! After I quit my job at some real estate company, I wanted to be the blogger. Blogger wasn't easy occupation, but I never gave up to… Continue reading The COMMONS : The heaven at the center of Thonglor

DEMO’s story (part 2 | End)

"Why is it so dark?" I asked. Everything around me in DEMO was so very dark. Only candle could be temporal torch in DEMO. There were many people who enjoyed with DEMO's atmosphere was same as horror movie. Looked like I needed night vision goggle to watch anything. "Hey!!!" Orn said and she poked me.… Continue reading DEMO’s story (part 2 | End)

Grease Mon-Sat story

Hello, I'm Rondo. Today I will say about my love. Do you think being Casanova or have too much girlfriend and you will be the best men in the world? First time I think about that, but finally, cheating relationship will get bad result. That result is the dark void in my life. Actually, I… Continue reading Grease Mon-Sat story

When people use smartphone more than computer

You must design ads for smartphone now! Today when I opened smartphone to check notifications on Facebook, LINE and Instagram, before I tapped notification zone, I saw many contents on social network had vertical size. And looked like these were easy to read at smartphone that smartphone's display was vertical and 9:16 aspect ratio. But… Continue reading When people use smartphone more than computer

Looks like new iPhone isn’t trendsetter….

5 years ago... I always interested about new iPhone of each years. That year was 2012 that Tim Cook presented iPhone 5. I remembered that time was so excited a lot because in 2012, iPhone was still the best smartphone ever meanwhile Android wasn't good much. And I remembered that time in Thailand, 3G wasn't… Continue reading Looks like new iPhone isn’t trendsetter….

How to increase views on your blog

Do you know why some blogs get more views? But why I write anything I don't get many views as same as that people? Many newbie bloggers or writers on internet ask about this. That is generic problems they detect at first time. But this article is your solution. Content is King Quality articles make… Continue reading How to increase views on your blog