The Urbanist Chapter 9 “Kate” part 3

Manaw!!! What are you thinking with me? Why do you lie me? Why do you seduce me to love you? Why do you make me as your lust product? What is relationship did you give to me? What is your heart? Who is Kate? Who!!! Answer now bitch! . . . . . . "Praewa!!… Continue reading The Urbanist Chapter 9 “Kate” part 3


Slow life at Bangkok

At every Saturday, I think this is same as Thanks God It's Friday, but my working isn't off at Saturday so in Saturday, I still work. After I was tired from working with thinking a lot, looks like I want something make me refreshed... Drinking wonderful drinking such as liquor, Bacardi, Absolute from north pole...… Continue reading Slow life at Bangkok

Slow life in nightlife (Part 1)

This article is second article I wrote about slow life. Because slow life is really good so I support about correct slow life lifestyle to everyone who interest about this. Looks like slow life is very wonderful life that many people want about this. Actually slow life unlimited time can happen with Net Idol, celebrities… Continue reading Slow life in nightlife (Part 1)