Think carefully before you buy Sony cameras

Last year, many photographers interested new Sony camera called "A9" with beyond technology and trendsetter of modern digital camera. Sony haven't been lost their way of manufacturing their camera with mirrorless technology. Sony is the trendsetter of mirrorless camera that doesn't focus what photographer need, but for new technology of camera. And now Sony mirrorless… Continue reading Think carefully before you buy Sony cameras


Introducing Mookmuay, new main model

Before I wrote this article, I need to find new main model who doesn't have experiences of modeling. Finally, I contacted to Mookmuay who never worked as model. Actually, her life was international sales consultants that thought to herself about she didn't have charms. She was chubby, but that wasn't problem because she had organic… Continue reading Introducing Mookmuay, new main model

Dual cameras from smartphone review

Finally, I got Xiaomi Mi A1, smartphone with dual cameras due to my earlier smartphone was broken (bricked). I researched many smartphones to buy and I decided buying Xiaomi Mi A1. My Xiaomi Mi A1 is Android One smartphone that is based with Pure Android OS. Actually, I need Pure Android smartphone for long time… Continue reading Dual cameras from smartphone review

Review 7Artisans 55mm f1.4

Review 7Artisans 55mm f1.4 Since I took photos with Geekster 35mm f1.6 lens for long time, I always visited to Geekster shop at MBK center often. I thought 35mm lens have some flaws about taking photos closer to model or less blurring. So I researched other lens that show blur effect more than 35mm. Actually,… Continue reading Review 7Artisans 55mm f1.4

Thailand Best Blog Awards 2017 by CPALL (ENG)

When blogger will be influencer. When consumers have influence to tell or judge this things are good or bad. When another consumers trust bloggers who are consumers that have more power to tell. That's it. Blogger is a man who can fix your doubtfulness. Although my blog wasn't nominated, but I didn't care it. Actually,… Continue reading Thailand Best Blog Awards 2017 by CPALL (ENG)

Let’s go to Moomin Cafe

Due to Miyuki needed to eat desserts at Siam Center, so I needed to recommend her immediately. Moomin is Finnish cartoon that use Spanish language to dub. I never know well about Moomin, just know only Belle mentioned it. In Pinky Promise, she said about Moomin that it's eyes looked like her. After that, Moomin… Continue reading Let’s go to Moomin Cafe