The charming from Pizza Company

Long time ago, pizza cafe with delivery service was very popular. I don't know why but every time I ate piece of pizza, I felt fallen in love with that delicious pizza that its smell was very good. When my mom opened box of pizza, there were many attractive topping that brought me eating them. Ah...… Continue reading The charming from Pizza Company


Slow life at Bangkok

At every Saturday, I think this is same as Thanks God It's Friday, but my working isn't off at Saturday so in Saturday, I still work. After I was tired from working with thinking a lot, looks like I want something make me refreshed... Drinking wonderful drinking such as liquor, Bacardi, Absolute from north pole...… Continue reading Slow life at Bangkok

Untitled Pizza shop at Interchange 21

Fruit pizza? Do you ever hear that? Looks like everyone don't think about this much because pizza should be paired with meat for topping with tomato ketchup. But in my life, this is first time to eat fruit pizza! I was unlucky about at Terminal 21, department store at Asoke street that contains Pier 21,… Continue reading Untitled Pizza shop at Interchange 21