Rules of 35mm lens

If you research about street photography from library, websites, news or asking street photographers, many photographers recommend you to take street photography with 35mm focal length. You can also use kit lens with 35mm focal length to take street photography! But do you know why many photographers prefer using 35mm lens to photograph on street?… Continue reading Rules of 35mm lens


When I changed my works to VLOG

Don't worry, my street photography isn't stopped. It's still be continued. But I research something until I know the better way of photography. I will do VLOG. What is VLOG? VLOG is similar as blog that tell your story as articles, but VLOG tells your story as video. Now VLOG is very popular for YouTubers… Continue reading When I changed my works to VLOG

Photographer earning crisis in Thailand

I cannot refuse the truth of photograph job earning in Thailand. Now earning is lower and people don't hire any photographer for photographing anything they want. Now my photograph job isn't available too much. These are reason why photography job in Thailand is downhill. The richest is camera shop In Thailand, the most popular camera… Continue reading Photographer earning crisis in Thailand

How about Fujifilm XA-5?

Last year I brought Haruka to buy Fujifilm XA-3 for selfie or high quality photography. Haruka said about this camera could get great photos quality and selfie photos was so beautiful and not fake too much as other compact camera with beauty function. That time Fujifilm XA-3 was popular in Thailand due to many girl… Continue reading How about Fujifilm XA-5?

Think carefully before you buy Sony cameras

Last year, many photographers interested new Sony camera called "A9" with beyond technology and trendsetter of modern digital camera. Sony haven't been lost their way of manufacturing their camera with mirrorless technology. Sony is the trendsetter of mirrorless camera that doesn't focus what photographer need, but for new technology of camera. And now Sony mirrorless… Continue reading Think carefully before you buy Sony cameras

Introducing Mookmuay, new main model

Before I wrote this article, I need to find new main model who doesn't have experiences of modeling. Finally, I contacted to Mookmuay who never worked as model. Actually, her life was international sales consultants that thought to herself about she didn't have charms. She was chubby, but that wasn't problem because she had organic… Continue reading Introducing Mookmuay, new main model