Thonglor in 2018

I also update Thonglor zone in Bangkok, Thailand every year, and now Thonglor is changed too much. So this is my suggestions for nightlife travelers. More live concert than EDM. Now Thonglor is the land of luxurious residences. Not only Japanese who live here, there are Chinese, Caucasians live at Thonglor and 2 years later,… Continue reading Thonglor in 2018


Future of nightlife society in Thailand

For Thailand, look like government created new law about alcoholic drink control since 2007 and this law I think it is depriving human who has freedom to decide. Why the hell does government control alcoholic drink sale time? What are they thinking? But now many travelers who came to Thailand wanted to travel at nightclubs… Continue reading Future of nightlife society in Thailand

Nightlife Photoshoot @72 Courtyard

I know every Friday night occur hashtag "#TGIF" that means "Thank's god! It's Friday!" Because next day is weekend that is stop working day. Actually, for rich or successful people, they have everyday as working day. They do job all of time. But sometimes, people always have limited stamina to do anything. When stamina comes… Continue reading Nightlife Photoshoot @72 Courtyard

Nunglen & Escobar COMEBACK!

Finally, one of the greatest nightclub on Ekamai road comeback! I know everyone ever enter to this place for enjoy with musics of happiness. No places that so good as same as "Nunglen & Escobar", nightclub and pub on Ekamai road. After you finish hangout from Thonglor, don't forget to enjoy continuously at Nunglen! กลับมาพร้อมกับความยิ่งใหญ่อีกครั้งกับหนึ่งในไนท์คลับที่ทุก… Continue reading Nunglen & Escobar COMEBACK!

The Urbanist 2 “Revive The Liberty” Prologue 2/3 (Bilingual)

Layla felt appreciated and happy to nightclub's atmosphere a lot. Now this time was 10:00 PM. Many people entered to the Output Nightclub for greeting DJ Layla. She smiled and gave her signature to everyone who requested it. Look at this! Big guys came to Layla and he said เลย์ล่ารู้สึกดีใจและมีความสุขมากกับบรรยากาศในไนท์คลับแห่งนี้ ตอนนี้เหรอ ก็... 4 ทุ่มแล้ว ชาวไนท์ไลฟ์เข้ามาที่… Continue reading The Urbanist 2 “Revive The Liberty” Prologue 2/3 (Bilingual)

BEAM, can this save the Thonglor’s nightlife community?

2012, First time I went to Thonglor. 2013, Thonglor's nightlife community is the greatest. 2014, Look like Thonglor's nightlife community is changed... 2015, Residence took down some places to build condominium... And... 2016... R.I.P. Safe House & Funky Villa. This year, is Thonglor's nightlife community died? If not, who can save Thonglor's nightlife community? Long… Continue reading BEAM, can this save the Thonglor’s nightlife community?

Finally I choose “Layla” as female protagonist of “The Urbanist 2”

I hardly decided this a lot because I planned Freya's story in The Urbanist 2 a lot, but looked like Layla's character was suitable for being protagonist more than Freya due to she encountered with many troubles with her friends and herself. Not same as Freya who was born from the mafia's family as same… Continue reading Finally I choose “Layla” as female protagonist of “The Urbanist 2”