The Urbanist 20+ Chapter 8 “Toto” part 6

That night Toto felt sad a lot. He didn't know why he felt sad? But now he lost important people from him. Dada? She already hated Toto. Toto forgot that girl who ever helped him all of time. And he was trying to go the way of lust again, again and again. Looked like this… Continue reading The Urbanist 20+ Chapter 8 “Toto” part 6


The Urbanist 20+ Chapter 8 “Toto” part 5

"Why do you go back to Thailand?" Toto asked to Victoria when he and Victoria was traveling to RCA by bus for the beautiful night with early access of Songkran Festival. Now they were sitting at the seat in the bus. "I miss Thailand." Victoria answered. "Actually I miss Som Tam." "Som Tam? Hahaha. I… Continue reading The Urbanist 20+ Chapter 8 “Toto” part 5

The Urbanist 20+ Chapter 8 “Toto” part 3

"Hahahaha" Sega laughed without any reason. He saw around him and start to talk next topic. "How about your father who is ambassador? How is he?" "He's fine." Toto answered. "Always fine." "Do you know we should thank to God who made us to be male. I love male personality. That is really cool." Sega… Continue reading The Urbanist 20+ Chapter 8 “Toto” part 3

The Urbanist 20+ Chapter 8 “Toto” Part 2

That was origin of photos from Japanese photo booth. Dada and Toto felt themselves again when they laid themselves on the bed in Dada's room at her rented home in next day. Actually on last night, they did inappropriately. Toto and Dada had sex together without no one knew. Toto ever said in VIP room… Continue reading The Urbanist 20+ Chapter 8 “Toto” Part 2

Pinky promise, Koi & Dao’s side story novel will be translated soon.

Many Koi & Dao fans requested me about translating this novel. First time after Pinky Promise was published, I didn't have idea to translate this because I was tired for translating Hormones The Series. That was very tired. I planned about after Hormones The Series was ended, I will stop creating Hormones Contents. And I… Continue reading Pinky promise, Koi & Dao’s side story novel will be translated soon.

Insight of Jane’s love

Finally I have many passions to write this article. Looks like Jane's love moments can suitable with me a lot due to Jane have rebel character that attracts to everyone. For foreground of Jane, she is really cheeky or talk with explicit feeling, but she is very sincere. I watched Hormones The Series season 2… Continue reading Insight of Jane’s love

Sun & Jane = best friend forever

For me, I really loved Hormones The Series very much. Although Hormones The Series's story was happened for teenagers, but every episodes from Hormones have meaning of life together. When I saw Win, I missed myself who was jerk and cheeky. When I watched Jane, I really remembered about my ex-girlfriend who ever met. She… Continue reading Sun & Jane = best friend forever