Let’s choose Oshimen of BNK48!!

Finally, BNK48, brand new girl group in Thailand debuted as grand opening on early June at EmQuartier, Bangkok. There were many fanclubs came and cheers to BNK 48 a lot. I didn't go to this debut, but I saw to many fancam and I was fallen in love with "Aitakata" song that was upbeat and… Continue reading Let’s choose Oshimen of BNK48!!


The Urbanist Chapter 9 “Kate” part 3

Manaw!!! What are you thinking with me? Why do you lie me? Why do you seduce me to love you? Why do you make me as your lust product? What is relationship did you give to me? What is your heart? Who is Kate? Who!!! Answer now bitch! . . . . . . "Praewa!!… Continue reading The Urbanist Chapter 9 “Kate” part 3

Miyuki (The Urbanist Character)

Hi..... Do you hungry? Call me and order menu you want. I will make delicious meal to you 💞 Know about Miyuki Real name & Last name : Miyuki Tachikawa Date of Birth : April 15 1989 Generation : Millennials Age : 20 Zodiac : Aries (count with tropical time) Blood type : B (The Rebel) Sexual… Continue reading Miyuki (The Urbanist Character)

Akiko (The Urbanist Character)

I was born from the land of freaking high responsibility. My hometown was Tokyo. Yeah, Tokyo people was so fulfilled of responsibility. Until I felt I was in an military area that everyone had to do all of rules. That was so robotic. Know about Akiko Real name & Last name : Akiko Sagami Date… Continue reading Akiko (The Urbanist Character)

Savior from canned fish experience

If you're urban people, looks like public transportation is the best way to go to another place in capital city. Such as Tokyo, Beijing, London, Paris, etc. Now at Bangkok there are near capital city from first world countries. Looks like using owned car isn't necessary forever. At Bangkok there are many cars that drive… Continue reading Savior from canned fish experience

Thailand = Land of beautiful ladies

"Why Thai ladies are really gorgeous?" "Why Thai ladies' shape is very beautiful?" "Do Thai ladies have lunch with little meal to be fulfilled?" "But... Isn't she a ladies?" I'm blogger who love to read another lifestyle blog because I'm lifestyle blog too, but I'm more cheeky and very funny to write them. Cookiecoffee is… Continue reading Thailand = Land of beautiful ladies