The charm of legacy (manual focus) lens

"Damn it!" I blamed when I saw Sony lens' price. It was so really expensive. I thought mirrorless camera's lens should be cheaper, but... That wasn't. "How can I get prime lens to take portrait photos?" I asked to myself. I needed some lens that can take portraits. That day I bought camera to use… Continue reading The charm of legacy (manual focus) lens


Fuku intown review

Long time I had never eaten buffet. Last buffet I had ever eaten, that was Mu kratha with my family at another province. When I ate Mu kratha, my mom always requested me to give sausage set and ingredients to the table. And Mu kratha in Thailand was popular buffet in Thailand due to some buffet… Continue reading Fuku intown review

Aom Suchar & Tina interview at Thailand Film Culture Week [H]

Hello!!! Everyone who want to know what were they saying. I know Thai language is so difficult to learn. Yes, I agree. For me, Thai language is so damn hard!! But don't worry everyone. Now I translated this video completely!! Let's read this. Warning : This article contained homosexual contents. Religious people don't read this!… Continue reading Aom Suchar & Tina interview at Thailand Film Culture Week [H]