Tingting (The Urbanist Character)

Many guys said "You're beautiful." Thank you very much to compliment me... But I'm sorry. I bore your compliments very much. Please being creative. You can complement me more than "You're beautiful." If you interest me a lot, please say "I love you ❤ " OK dude? Know about Tingting Real name & Last name… Continue reading Tingting (The Urbanist Character)


Ep.10 “Hello Halloween” Part 3 (End Part)

"Huh? Are you kidding me, Kimi?" I can't believe about Annabelle is the person who spread bad rumors to me. I can't believe her. She doesn't do with this. "Impossible Kimi. Annabelle never do this forever." I still talked about this with my angry mood to Kimi. Kimi was lying? "Hey!! That lady is someone… Continue reading Ep.10 “Hello Halloween” Part 3 (End Part)

Ep.10 “Hello Halloween” Part 2

"You!!! Annabelle" I said to that girl I ever meet. She was my ex-girlfriend since I was learned at high school. Her name is Annabelle. She was really gorgeous and tanned skin. Her eyes were very beautiful. Since she ever learned with me at high school, she was alrealy beautiful, but now she was more… Continue reading Ep.10 “Hello Halloween” Part 2

Ep.10 “Hello Halloween” Part 1

If you talk about Halloween, What do you say about this? Many people think about "Pumpkin" first. I don't know why many people think about pumpkin first. After pumpkin, they think about weird creatures, such as zombies, the ghost who was born from scientific method. Ghost spirit, the ghost who was born from mysterious method,… Continue reading Ep.10 “Hello Halloween” Part 1

Teaser “The Influencer” Ep.10 and more information

What is "The Influencer"? The Influencer is my diary about travel in nightlife that sequel is continuous from "Road To Celebrity" PUA stories from earlier blog that I closed due to violate another people. I'm really sorry about that and I have start to new season about my diary. Teaser stories... I went to some… Continue reading Teaser “The Influencer” Ep.10 and more information