ARTBOX X ZILINGO at Suanluang Square, Bangkok

Long time I haven't said about ARTBOX market due to that time I didn't have my owned camera to take photos. And now many people had owned camera that meant this place is so good to take photos. Actually, many travelers focus to take themselves or their foods they already purchase for uploading in their… Continue reading ARTBOX X ZILINGO at Suanluang Square, Bangkok


When foreigners come to Thailand a lot

RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR . . . Someone called to company's phone. "Damn it! Secretary came to toilet." I swore myself. That company phone rang again, again and again. I couldn't ignore this calling. Actually, I knew how to say with caller. I walked from my seat to secretary that had company's phone to received that unknown calling… Continue reading When foreigners come to Thailand a lot

Review ART BOX @The Em District (May phase)

I think Art Box at The Em District is the best location I have ever seen. It is near my workplace that is Interchange 21 Building. I can reach from my workplace to Art Box easily since December 2015. But after that Art Box was closed with 3 months until came again in March 2016… Continue reading Review ART BOX @The Em District (May phase)

Let’s go to ART BOX Thailand (At The Em District)

Finally ARTBOX returned again at The Em District. There are many people want this flea market to comeback again since last time ART BOX appeared in December 2015 at The Em District. There were many controversies and positive critics that mentioned with this flea market. Somebody said "Wow!!! That's very great!!" Someone said "What the… Continue reading Let’s go to ART BOX Thailand (At The Em District)

Tingting (The Urbanist Character)

Many guys said "You're beautiful." Thank you very much to compliment me... But I'm sorry. I bore your compliments very much. Please being creative. You can complement me more than "You're beautiful." If you interest me a lot, please say "I love you ❤ " OK dude? Know about Tingting Real name & Last name… Continue reading Tingting (The Urbanist Character)


Long time ago I wanted to write this article to let everyone read this. But I couldn't do that. Because that time I doesn't translate Hormones The Series successfully. Now this time is for this article! Wow!!! That's really great to create new article that was from really Campzzz. For my blog, if I didn't… Continue reading ART BOX THAILAND @THE EM DISTRICT

FOOD FUN FAMILY, paradise of food revealed at CTW

Someone in this world had talked about... In Thailand is kitchen of the world. That's really true, I am really proud about this alias. In Thailand, you can eat every food from around the world. Korean food? Japanese food? American food such as hamburger you can eat it easily. Because of raw materials and ingredients… Continue reading FOOD FUN FAMILY, paradise of food revealed at CTW