When mirrorless camera is the future

I'm not sure am I real photographer? Real photographer must use Canon or Nikon? Or ever used film camera? "Hey you!!! You use this toy camera? Back off! I want to take first." I was blamed by photographer who took promotional model. He used some DSLR named Nikon and looked like this shape wasn't small… Continue reading When mirrorless camera is the future


Pinky Promise Chapter 3 “Luminous” Part 2

Chinese version, click here. (Translated by JustForFon) In grade 11 room 1 classroom at the morning on the day with very hot weather, Kirati, English teacher was teaching by letting students spelled vocabularies in English book with reading and translating to classmates. That was very bored moment. Prao didn't pay attention to this moment in… Continue reading Pinky Promise Chapter 3 “Luminous” Part 2