Passion of street photography

#Passion of #Street #Photography. That was so really awesome.


The charm of legacy (manual focus) lens

"Damn it!" I blamed when I saw Sony lens' price. It was so really expensive. I thought mirrorless camera's lens should be cheaper, but... That wasn't. "How can I get prime lens to take portrait photos?" I asked to myself. I needed some lens that can take portraits. That day I bought camera to use… Continue reading The charm of legacy (manual focus) lens

Looks like new iPhone isn’t trendsetter….

5 years ago... I always interested about new iPhone of each years. That year was 2012 that Tim Cook presented iPhone 5. I remembered that time was so excited a lot because in 2012, iPhone was still the best smartphone ever meanwhile Android wasn't good much. And I remembered that time in Thailand, 3G wasn't… Continue reading Looks like new iPhone isn’t trendsetter….


Finally, my Fon & Belle’s translation comes again. Let’s read this.

FON ✕ BELLE Inter fans site

Finally, Fon & Belle’s event came again. They did activity together due to offer good actions to the queen of Thailand. After doing activity, Fon and Belle said something and played game with their fans together. But you don’t know what Fon and Belle said due to they said with Thai language. Don’t worry, I already translated this completely. So let’s read this.

(Due to this video source is come from Periscope that doesn’t have embedded code, so if you want to look full video, click link above.)

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Dr. Wayne (The Urbanist Character)

I was ever the hippie. I love peace, love, smile and dreams. This world is so chaos. I don't like it. How to fix this problem? I have my own method. Come with me. Know about Dr. Wayne Real name & Last name : Wayne Iceberg Date of Birth : October 3 1970 Generation : Generation X Age… Continue reading Dr. Wayne (The Urbanist Character)

How to increase views on your blog

Do you know why some blogs get more views? But why I write anything I don't get many views as same as that people? Many newbie bloggers or writers on internet ask about this. That is generic problems they detect at first time. But this article is your solution. Content is King Quality articles make… Continue reading How to increase views on your blog

Neko (The Urbanist 2 Character)

"Hey!!!" someone said to Neko when Neko is coming to her super car. Neko sees back immediately. Ah... Her boyfriend, Ananda is walking to her. "What?" Neko asks and smiles. "You forget car key." Ananda answers. "Why are you so clumsy?" "Don't blame me baby." Neko answers. "I just wake up. So sometimes I forget… Continue reading Neko (The Urbanist 2 Character)