Thailand Best Blog Awards 2017 by CPALL (ENG)

When blogger will be influencer. When consumers have influence to tell or judge this things are good or bad. When another consumers trust bloggers who are consumers that have more power to tell. That's it. Blogger is a man who can fix your doubtfulness. Although my blog wasn't nominated, but I didn't care it. Actually,… Continue reading Thailand Best Blog Awards 2017 by CPALL (ENG)


Can Kit lens take portrait?

I ever come to "Cup E" Facebook page that contained many sexy portrait photos from photographers and freelance model in Thailand. There were many sexy pictures I never seen in real life. I observed many photos in Cup E Facebook pages and I just knew something. Why many photos on Cup E pages were so… Continue reading Can Kit lens take portrait?

Cosplays at AFA 2017 @Royal Paragon Hall, Siam Paragon

I don't know who decide to use area in front of Royal Paragon Hall to be appointment of cosplays. Not only AFA, but every events about Otaku's interesting, such as AFA, Thailand Comic Con, TGS BIG FEST, but that's so good because I can take photos to practice my skills. Taking photos in this area… Continue reading Cosplays at AFA 2017 @Royal Paragon Hall, Siam Paragon