When mirrorless camera is the future

I'm not sure am I real photographer? Real photographer must use Canon or Nikon? Or ever used film camera? "Hey you!!! You use this toy camera? Back off! I want to take first." I was blamed by photographer who took promotional model. He used some DSLR named Nikon and looked like this shape wasn't small… Continue reading When mirrorless camera is the future


Let’s go to National Book Fair 44th “The hope” @QSSNC

This is the necessary hope to make Someone ever told to Thai people about Thai people read books average 7 lines per year. I don't know is it true to say about that? I can't complain and answer to question I can't know. But actually in Thailand, educational system is failed. That can take damage… Continue reading Let’s go to National Book Fair 44th “The hope” @QSSNC