Think carefully before you buy Sony cameras

Last year, many photographers interested new Sony camera called "A9" with beyond technology and trendsetter of modern digital camera. Sony haven't been lost their way of manufacturing their camera with mirrorless technology. Sony is the trendsetter of mirrorless camera that doesn't focus what photographer need, but for new technology of camera. And now Sony mirrorless… Continue reading Think carefully before you buy Sony cameras


What is mirrorless camera made for?

Micro Four Third camera? Meh!!! That's not for professional! APS-C? No! That's for only new-entry! You must use full frame!! You must use full-frame!! Full frame is master race! Stop your belief about full frame sensor size camera is master race that can do everything. Why Micro our Third cameras were born? Because they had… Continue reading What is mirrorless camera made for?

ทำไมเราเลือกใช้กล้อง Mirrorless (แบบสไตล์ Rangefinder)

Every time I went to some events that had too much photographers, look like I was different as same as wanderer who have mirrorless camera with rangefinder style. Someone saw me with their ego or someone thought I wasn't appropriate to meet another time. I wanted to say certainly about some photographers focused only their… Continue reading ทำไมเราเลือกใช้กล้อง Mirrorless (แบบสไตล์ Rangefinder)

The best camera app ever on iOS and Android! (for blogger)

Looks like camera from smartphone is very necessary for blogger because some bloggers (such as me) don't want carrying heavy DSLR camera to take some photos and in this time cloud storage is more advance than earlier years. I remembered about when I was teenager who like to write blog, I uses Nokia feature phone… Continue reading The best camera app ever on iOS and Android! (for blogger)