High School Reunion (Belle’s episode) English translation

Long time ago I promised everyone about I will translate High School Reunion with Belle's episode, but I couldn't translate for 2 weeks due to I was busy very much. My works at office were so a lot and I couldn't divide time to translate High School Reunion (Belle's episode). Ah! I felt bad when… Continue reading High School Reunion (Belle’s episode) English translation



Finally, my Fon & Belle’s translation comes again. Let’s read this.

FON ✕ BELLE Inter fans site

Finally, Fon & Belle’s event came again. They did activity together due to offer good actions to the queen of Thailand. After doing activity, Fon and Belle said something and played game with their fans together. But you don’t know what Fon and Belle said due to they said with Thai language. Don’t worry, I already translated this completely. So let’s read this.


(Due to this video source is come from Periscope that doesn’t have embedded code, so if you want to look full video, click link above.)

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