How to lose weight fast for 5 tips!

How to lose weight fast If you are a man who wants to lose weight, but you do not know how to reduce it properly, this article has answers for you. 1. One of the most important things is not exercise but diet control. Some people exercise every day, but why is still fat? Good… Continue reading How to lose weight fast for 5 tips!


Fun facts about street photography

I ever heard about professional photographers said to me " Use 35mm lens to get beautiful street photography". For Sony a6000, sensor size is APS-C that smaller than full frame sensor with 1.5x, so 35mm lens for APS-C is 23 or 24mm lens. I purchased 24mm named "Wesley 24mm f1.8". It's very useful lens because… Continue reading Fun facts about street photography

5 tips to enhance your portrait photos

  When my friends travel to another province or another countries, they love to take photos as travelers. That photos is so nice. They smile together when they go to somewhere. They go to cafe, they take it and share to their social network. But my friend consults to me about "Why didn't my boyfriend… Continue reading 5 tips to enhance your portrait photos

How to increase views on your blog

Do you know why some blogs get more views? But why I write anything I don't get many views as same as that people? Many newbie bloggers or writers on internet ask about this. That is generic problems they detect at first time. But this article is your solution. Content is King Quality articles make… Continue reading How to increase views on your blog

The last hope (End)

"Hi" I said to Pomelo. Today Pomelo was really beautiful. She wore blue sexy costume. Her hairstyle was long. Her eyes were small, but not small as Jane. Her body was medium but she extended her beauty and attraction by increasing her boob size with plastic surgery. Although her boobs were fake, but for men… Continue reading The last hope (End)

Sun & Jane = best friend forever

For me, I really loved Hormones The Series very much. Although Hormones The Series's story was happened for teenagers, but every episodes from Hormones have meaning of life together. When I saw Win, I missed myself who was jerk and cheeky. When I watched Jane, I really remembered about my ex-girlfriend who ever met. She… Continue reading Sun & Jane = best friend forever

Why blog is greater than Facebook (or another social network)?

Finally I feel lucky very much about I love to write my blog more than playing Facebook. Facebook is one of the most influence social network in Thailand ever, but there are something that I feel upset about Facebook. Another social network such as Twitter, I really like about it. Twitter's timeline is realtime, not… Continue reading Why blog is greater than Facebook (or another social network)?