Matador (The Urbanist Character)

Hey!! Are you ready? Tonight is so long. Let's match another girl and make this night to be beautiful. Know about Matador Real name & Last name : Matador Chopper (Old name is Sega) Date of Birth : November 9 1982 Generation : Millennials Age : 27 Zodiac : Scorpio (Cound with tropical time) Blood type : O (The Hero) Sexual Orientation :… Continue reading Matador (The Urbanist Character)


Dr. Wayne (The Urbanist Character)

I was ever the hippie. I love peace, love, smile and dreams. This world is so chaos. I don't like it. How to fix this problem? I have my own method. Come with me. Know about Dr. Wayne Real name & Last name : Wayne Iceberg Date of Birth : October 3 1970 Generation : Generation X Age… Continue reading Dr. Wayne (The Urbanist Character)

Salvador (The Urbanist Character)

Hey you... Are you boring real world? I know secret highway to the dream. Do you interest it? Know about Salvador Real name & Last name : Seri Sangrattikarn Date of Birth : June 15 1965 Generation : Generation X Age : 44 Zodiac : Gemini (Cound with tropical time) Blood type : AB (The Variety Star) Sexual Orientation : Heterosexuality… Continue reading Salvador (The Urbanist Character)

Athena (The Urbanist Character)

I don't know why I was born from this world. I really don't know. But looked like something has controlled me. I felt uncomfortable a lot. Know about Athena, the prototype Inspired from  Seo Ji Yeon Real name & Last name : Experimental human Type B No. 000 (Prototype) Date of Birth : Unknown Generation : Unknown Age : Unknown… Continue reading Athena (The Urbanist Character)

Patrick (The Urbanist Character)

Hey! What's up? Do you want to release your stress? Come with me. I will bring you to the heaven. Real name & Last name : Theerayuth Aekkasit Date of Birth : June 17 1982 Generation : Millennial Age : 27 Zodiac : Gemini (count with tropical time) Blood type : O (The Hero) Sexual Orientation : Heterosexuality (Extreme) Graduation : Unknown Habit… Continue reading Patrick (The Urbanist Character)

Ben (The Urbanist Character)

Hi, everyone. Do you want your better hairstyle? Oh!! Your hairstyle is outdated. Don't worry. I will fix this. Come here baby. Real name & Last name : Korsak Jaisungma Date of Birth : August 10 1985 Generation : Millennial Age : 24 Zodiac : Leo (count with tropical time) Blood type : O (The Hero) Sexual Orientation : Heterosexuality Graduation : Bachelor’s degree… Continue reading Ben (The Urbanist Character)

Cheesecake (The Urbanist Character)

Hahaha! I don't know why I don't love to be female. Ah!!! I annoy my big breast!! Why!!! I want to be a man! I want to take care and love some cute girl! I can choose. I can't wait another one to love me. I can decide! Know about Cheesecake, the revolutionary. Real name… Continue reading Cheesecake (The Urbanist Character)