Riona (The Urbanist Character 2 Character)

I don't know why I don't have any soulmate. I still seek the soulmate to stay with me forever. But I get the truth of love before my soulmate. Don't worry. I will give the truth of love to everyone. Inspired by Park Hye Min Real name & Last name : Riona Seraphim Date of… Continue reading Riona (The Urbanist Character 2 Character)


Stellar (The Urbanist 2 Character)

Real world is parallel worlds. There are realistic and surrealistic. Finally I discovered the world of happiness. Can you interest it? Know about Stellar Inspired from Lynlyn Real name & Last name : Phornchita Ngamcherdchai Date of Birth : September 15 1996 Generation : Gen Z (fulfilled with liberalism) Age : 24 Zodiac : Virgo (count with tropical time) Blood type : AB (The Variety… Continue reading Stellar (The Urbanist 2 Character)

Euphoria (The Urbanist 2 Character)

Ah... my real world is really chaos. But don't worry, I have my own world. My world is fulfilled with euphoria. Are you ready to touch new experiences? OK Let's go! Know about Euphoria, the illusionist Inspired from Ploychompoo (Jannine Wiegel), Mito Natsume , Thanaerng (Hipster style) Real name & Last name : Experimental human Type B No. 004 Date… Continue reading Euphoria (The Urbanist 2 Character)

Neko (The Urbanist 2 Character)

"Hey!!!" someone said to Neko when Neko is coming to her super car. Neko sees back immediately. Ah... Her boyfriend, Ananda is walking to her. "What?" Neko asks and smiles. "You forget car key." Ananda answers. "Why are you so clumsy?" "Don't blame me baby." Neko answers. "I just wake up. So sometimes I forget… Continue reading Neko (The Urbanist 2 Character)

Layla (The Urbanist 2 Protagonist)

Roxanne!!!? Who kill you? I can't forgive them forever. She is my love... You can kill my sister but you can't kill me! Know about Layla, Roxanne's hope Inspired from DJ Faahsai (Clip) Real name & Last name : Thanyarat Korkietcharoenpon (Experimental human Type B No. 003) Date of Birth : May 1 1998 Generation : Gen Z (fulfilled with… Continue reading Layla (The Urbanist 2 Protagonist)

Freya (The Urbanist 2 Character)

I am Freya. I'm daughter of Salvador, the liberal master. I don't know why my life must encounter with many guys who want to be in a relationship with me? Am I beautiful? Do I have big tit? But... I'm sorry. I have done surgery in my boobs.  I say directly because I don't want… Continue reading Freya (The Urbanist 2 Character)