The Urbanist Chapter 11 “Chris”

6 years later…

February 14 2015. At Cielo Sky Bar, Sky Walk Condominium.

“Ah…. What the fuck is that?” Someone complained to game console that in front of him. “That game is very hard.”

Now someone was playing Super Mario Bros. from real Famicom console. This game was published since 1985 but looked like this guy still played this retro game. Continue reading “The Urbanist Chapter 11 “Chris””


The Urbanist Chapter 10 “Athena” part 5

Dada saw her mom that was naked in front of her and she felt stunned because her mom never changed when she had more ages. Athena’s eyes, face was so very very beautiful without doing any surgery. Her breasts were so balanced, not so round as same as another model. Now the light covered Athena’s body and lighting sparked all around her. Meanwhile Salvador and White felt excited as same as Dada and Chris because this will be eliminated his mafia organization. Continue reading “The Urbanist Chapter 10 “Athena” part 5”

The Urbanist Chapter 10 “Athena” Part 2

At somewhere… (Lester’s POV)

“Lester… Are you alright?” Salvador said to Lester, bodyguard who used himself to protect Salvador. Now he was brought to somewhere that have many white neon on the ceiling. Continue reading “The Urbanist Chapter 10 “Athena” Part 2″

The Urbanist Chapter 10 “Athena” Part 1

3 weeks later after Kate was died.

At laboratory inside Phoenix Mafia headquarter.

Scientists and researchers were analyzing mind controller that attached to Best’s body. It could control human mind to do everything. Mind controller’s appearance was same as octopus. It made from brass. They were seeking the origin of this device. Looked like Tiger Mafia was only nominee. Continue reading “The Urbanist Chapter 10 “Athena” Part 1″

The Urbanist Chapter 9 “Kate” final part

At the taxi station of Zen, Central World, Ben stayed with Praewa who was drunken extremely to wait taxi.

“Praewa.” Ben said to Praewa. “How about you?” But Praewa didn’t say anything. She still slept with alcohol smell.

“Cheesecake…” Praewa still said about Cheesecake. “Why?” Continue reading “The Urbanist Chapter 9 “Kate” final part”