The Urbanist Chapter 11 “Chris”

6 years later…

February 14 2015. At Cielo Sky Bar, Sky Walk Condominium.

“Ah…. What the fuck is that?” Someone complained to game console that in front of him. “That game is very hard.”

Now someone was playing Super Mario Bros. from real Famicom console. This game was published since 1985 but looked like this guy still played this retro game. Continue reading “The Urbanist Chapter 11 “Chris””


The Urbanist 2 “Revive The Liberty” Prologue 2/3 (Bilingual)

Layla felt appreciated and happy to nightclub’s atmosphere a lot. Now this time was 10:00 PM. Many people entered to the Output Nightclub for greeting DJ Layla. She smiled and gave her signature to everyone who requested it. Look at this! Big guys came to Layla and he said Continue reading “The Urbanist 2 “Revive The Liberty” Prologue 2/3 (Bilingual)”

The Urbanist Chapter 10 “Athena” part 5

Dada saw her mom that was naked in front of her and she felt stunned because her mom never changed when she had more ages. Athena’s eyes, face was so very very beautiful without doing any surgery. Her breasts were so balanced, not so round as same as another model. Now the light covered Athena’s body and lighting sparked all around her. Meanwhile Salvador and White felt excited as same as Dada and Chris because this will be eliminated his mafia organization. Continue reading “The Urbanist Chapter 10 “Athena” part 5”

The Urbanist Chapter 10 “Athena” Part 3

Next day at the entrance of Baiyoke 2 tower, Pratunam, Bangkok at 6:00 pm. This time was starting time of the mini nightlife. There were many Bangkok travelers came to buy accessories from Thailand to their home places at another countries. But this day, Cheesecake appointed Dada and Chris to this place due to Cheesecake knew Athena was here and she was waiting for her son and daughter. Continue reading “The Urbanist Chapter 10 “Athena” Part 3″

Finally I choose “Layla” as female protagonist of “The Urbanist 2”

I hardly decided this a lot because I planned Freya’s story in The Urbanist 2 a lot, but looked like Layla’s character was suitable for being protagonist more than Freya due to she encountered with many troubles with her friends and herself. Not same as Freya who was born from the mafia’s family as same as Chris and Dada. Continue reading “Finally I choose “Layla” as female protagonist of “The Urbanist 2””