Can Medium substitute WordPress?

I've just heard about web designer from transfer to Facebook and I've just used new version of Note on Facebook that is really awesome. No control pics as <p1>, <p2> text forever. Sometimes this is the new age of notes in Facebook, but I think this is really late. I've already used WordPress and… Continue reading Can Medium substitute WordPress?


Why should you cancel subscription of Apple Music?

Music streaming is good, you can listen it every time you want and you can listen it without saving music files to your physical storage. If you wanted to listen another new songs that just be published, you can listen full song easily without enduring listen bad quality in Youtube. And when you listen that… Continue reading Why should you cancel subscription of Apple Music?

If MEIZU smartphone come to Thailand, that is a nightmare!

Apple has walked to right point because of revolutionizing mobile phone that shifted from feature phone to smartphone. Back to 2007, Apple revealed new Apple iPhone that use touch screen without using stylus. Until in this time, Apple has still gotten profits from selling iPhone. Meanwhile, Android still be developed to greater every years, from… Continue reading If MEIZU smartphone come to Thailand, that is a nightmare!