Thailand Best Blog Awards 2017 by CPALL (ENG)

When blogger will be influencer. When consumers have influence to tell or judge this things are good or bad. When another consumers trust bloggers who are consumers that have more power to tell. That's it. Blogger is a man who can fix your doubtfulness. Although my blog wasn't nominated, but I didn't care it. Actually,… Continue reading Thailand Best Blog Awards 2017 by CPALL (ENG)


ARTBOX X ZILINGO at Suanluang Square, Bangkok

Long time I haven't said about ARTBOX market due to that time I didn't have my owned camera to take photos. And now many people had owned camera that meant this place is so good to take photos. Actually, many travelers focus to take themselves or their foods they already purchase for uploading in their… Continue reading ARTBOX X ZILINGO at Suanluang Square, Bangkok

Let’s go to Moomin Cafe

Due to Miyuki needed to eat desserts at Siam Center, so I needed to recommend her immediately. Moomin is Finnish cartoon that use Spanish language to dub. I never know well about Moomin, just know only Belle mentioned it. In Pinky Promise, she said about Moomin that it's eyes looked like her. After that, Moomin… Continue reading Let’s go to Moomin Cafe

The COMMONS : The heaven at the center of Thonglor

What do you want? Do you ever come to Bangkok?  What do you need?  Do you need workplace with nature? This place is calling you! Congratulations! You're not salaryman! After I quit my job at some real estate company, I wanted to be the blogger. Blogger wasn't easy occupation, but I never gave up to… Continue reading The COMMONS : The heaven at the center of Thonglor

Fuku intown review

Long time I had never eaten buffet. Last buffet I had ever eaten, that was Mu kratha with my family at another province. When I ate Mu kratha, my mom always requested me to give sausage set and ingredients to the table. And Mu kratha in Thailand was popular buffet in Thailand due to some buffet… Continue reading Fuku intown review

REVIEW : Lunar Nuna, Dessert cafe with Korean Style

I ever heard about Luna Nuna since I watched TV and Aom Sushar Manaying was promoting her brand new business called "Lunar Nuna". Actually I interested when I went with Miyuki at Siam Square One due to she wanted to buy some skincare at EVEANDBOY and we passed this cafe exactly. Until Miyuki's birthday was… Continue reading REVIEW : Lunar Nuna, Dessert cafe with Korean Style

REVIEW : Geekster 35mm plus (f1.6)

Because autofocus lenses from Sony are so really expensive, and I want prime lens with focal length 50mm f1.8 for shooting models in any exhibition because long time ago I have used camera from smartphone that is so low quality and have small sensor that have a lot of noise. And my personal model wants… Continue reading REVIEW : Geekster 35mm plus (f1.6)