First time I started translating Hormones The Series with early access, I focused to Jane first because Jane was one of my favorite character due to her mind was liberal. Actually I did translation with my hobby and I didn't expect that another people interested my translation a lot. Until my blog readers preferred to… Continue reading Acknowledgements


Pinky Promise Grand Opening (English translation by Dada)

Finally I have my friend who helped me translated this video. OK. So what this video was saying? Let's read this. Video by Kemisara Channel Part 1/6 (0:00-5:00) "Let's meet... Hey... What is this name?" Male MC asked to female MC. "Sister Dao... Dugedao Chumratpaisarn." "Please clap your hand to welcome Dugedao." Male MC… Continue reading Pinky Promise Grand Opening (English translation by Dada)

Pinky Promise final chapter “The last hope”

Chinese version, click here.

(Translated by JustForFon)

Pinky Promise International Version

Proud woke up early morning. After she cleaned her teeth to be fresh, She walked to her mom that she was busy in the kitchen to prepare foods for offering monks.

“Happy birthday Proud. Have very high happiness in this year.” Proud’s mom smiled and prayed to Proud due to this day was Proud’s birthday with her happiness. Proud thanked to her mom and she grinned together. This was the special day in every years that Proud loved. Sadly about this year her dad worked at another province immediately. So he didn’t give the will to Proud.

“Go to clean your teeth. After that you will offer food to monks at front of village.” Proud’s mom said to Proud.

“I have done.” Proud knew how she should do and hurried to carry tray of foods diligently.

“At evening will you have dinner specially? I will prepare it.”

“Anything that is…

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Pinky Promise chapter 9 “Revelations”

Chinese version, click here.

(Translated by JustForFon)

Pinky Promise International Version

Part 1

Ah….. Today at morning Proud didn’t want to go to school.

Proud didn’t know how to do when she met Noon. She didn’t know how to greet her. She didn’t know does Noon still anger Proud from moment in yesterday? She didn’t know can she hide her bitter and melancholy that everyone can’t see? And she didn’t know if Noon will say she love Notto.

But she had to go to school.

Proud walked to greet Gook who was playing her smartphone at marble bench. Gook saw to Proud and she said hi to Proud.

“I swam at yesterday and looked like I hurt my body a lot. How about you?” Gook opened her conversation.

“Yeah. I’m too.” Proud said and she laid her bag to marble table. Then she sat onto marble bench.

“Hey!!! So last night did you say with Noon?” Gook asked.

“No. Why?” Proud…

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Pinky Promise Chapter 8 “Friend or not?”

Chinese version, click here.

(Translated by JustForFon)

Pinky Promise International Version

Although that Proud’s confession wasn’t appropriate as Proud’s thinking, but something Proud wanted from Noon very much is…. talking together – as “friend”.

Not lover, but better than stranger.

Now Proud and Noon attempted to forgetting disappointed moments they ever found or saw forward from painful moments in past as they can. Noon stopped to ignore Proud and she said to Proud as last year. But Proud always knew everything was changed. No way to return to stick forever, played and teased or held their hand together as grade 11.

In the classroom with loud sound from classmates that were talking a lot… Look like classmate leader wanted to say something. He walked to his classroom (grade 12 room 12) and he said

“Hey everyone! At physical subject, in this semester is swimming. so prepare your swimming suit!!”


Female classmates yelled with their excitement due to they wanted to…

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Chapter 7 “Pinky Promise”

Chinese version, click here.

(Translated by JustForFon)

Pinky Promise International Version

When Proud saw to fresh green wide lawn under the enormous blue sky, smell from the earth , moderate sunlight and little breeze could tell me that was peaceful day. Proud saw Noon who walked and smiled to her. That was the most cheerful smile Proud had ever seen. Noon’s big eyes made Proud felt good and warm. Then they held their hand together to walk around wide lawn without saying anything. Proud smiled happily. That time of happiness with staying together without anybody was the most precious gift that Proud wanted to keep it forever…

But…. alarm sound from her smartphone made Proud opened her eyes to the world of reality. She just touched about that happiness was the dream from the heaven. Proud wanted to close her eyes to be in that dream again. She always knew that was really impossible, but if she wanted to sleep with Noon…

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Pinky Promise Chapter 6 “Secret Relationship”

Please wait for Chinese version.

Pinky Promise International Version

Part 1

When Proud and Noon’s love was secret, so both had to keep this secret relationship to prevent another one knew.

After Ching with blood moment, everything turned to be usual. Proud and Noon as shipping trend was faded away when Jet’ame met senior students stayed together and had cute moments. Now looked like that senior students had more cute moments than Proud and Noon so fandom interested them and let Proud and Noon away. Meanwhile Proud and Noon prevented themselves to be targeted from fandom by performing as usual friend.

No sexual talking. No sexual touching. No sexual teasing. Everything returned to be usual.

But that didn’t reduced sweetness. When Proud and Noon couldn’t perform naturally, Proud and Noon performed naturally at places no one could watch them.

Chapter06-01 In boring classroom.

Such as when they learned boring subject in classroom, Noon picked green pigment pen to write something on…

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