Recommended photo place in Bangkok : Siam Square

2017-10-10 08.37.57 2

Recommended lens : 35mm or 50mm*

Recommended time : 17:00-19:00 everyday

Location : Siam Square

*35mm is 23,24mm on APS-C and 17mm for M4/3. 50mm is 35mm on APS-C and 25mm for M4/3.

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Review : Wesley 24mm f1.8


Another lens for beginners is coming!!!

Due to I am budget photographer, I also use manual or legacy lens to take photos and my camera supports manual lens very well. Peaking focus is really badass feature to use on my camera. I use manual focus for beginner for 5 months and that’s really fun to use. But if you have more money, please purchase autofocus lens. Continue reading “Review : Wesley 24mm f1.8”

“Luck” may be important for street photography

Crow at pavement (I took when I was walking to bus station.)

50% for your skill and 50% for your luck can make your street photography to be beautiful. At film camera era, street photographer purchased more film to take photos and choose best photos, but now, digital camera, you can take photos a lot until memory card is full. But now new memory cards have capacity more than 16GB. That’s greater to take street photography!

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35mm VS 50mm : Which lens is better for street photography?

2017-09-15 01.57.08 1

Street photography is one of the funnest photo shooting I have ever taken. I can go to anywhere that have much people and I equip my lovely mirrorless camera to take photos. Because everyone in my photos can be great model! So I love to take a lot.

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ARTBOX X ZILINGO at Suanluang Square, Bangkok


Long time I haven’t said about ARTBOX market due to that time I didn’t have my owned camera to take photos. And now many people had owned camera that meant this place is so good to take photos. Actually, many travelers focus to take themselves or their foods they already purchase for uploading in their social network. That’s travelers’ usual mindset. Continue reading “ARTBOX X ZILINGO at Suanluang Square, Bangkok”