Grease Mon-Sat story

Hello, I'm Rondo. Today I will say about my love. Do you think being Casanova or have too much girlfriend and you will be the best men in the world? First time I think about that, but finally, cheating relationship will get bad result. That result is the dark void in my life. Actually, I… Continue reading Grease Mon-Sat story


When I come to Thonglor again

I ever went to Thonglor for 4 years ago. I loved this place a lot. I really love, love and love. I didn't know why... Looks like I must come to another province with my father again. But finally, I come to Thonglor to see the differences. Now at Thonglor, there are many condominiums that… Continue reading When I come to Thonglor again

Nightlife Photoshoot @72 Courtyard

I know every Friday night occur hashtag "#TGIF" that means "Thank's god! It's Friday!" Because next day is weekend that is stop working day. Actually, for rich or successful people, they have everyday as working day. They do job all of time. But sometimes, people always have limited stamina to do anything. When stamina comes… Continue reading Nightlife Photoshoot @72 Courtyard

Nunglen & Escobar COMEBACK!

Finally, one of the greatest nightclub on Ekamai road comeback! I know everyone ever enter to this place for enjoy with musics of happiness. No places that so good as same as "Nunglen & Escobar", nightclub and pub on Ekamai road. After you finish hangout from Thonglor, don't forget to enjoy continuously at Nunglen! กลับมาพร้อมกับความยิ่งใหญ่อีกครั้งกับหนึ่งในไนท์คลับที่ทุก… Continue reading Nunglen & Escobar COMEBACK!

BEAM, can this save the Thonglor’s nightlife community?

2012, First time I went to Thonglor. 2013, Thonglor's nightlife community is the greatest. 2014, Look like Thonglor's nightlife community is changed... 2015, Residence took down some places to build condominium... And... 2016... R.I.P. Safe House & Funky Villa. This year, is Thonglor's nightlife community died? If not, who can save Thonglor's nightlife community? Long… Continue reading BEAM, can this save the Thonglor’s nightlife community?

When foreigners come to Thailand a lot

RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR . . . Someone called to company's phone. "Damn it! Secretary came to toilet." I swore myself. That company phone rang again, again and again. I couldn't ignore this calling. Actually, I knew how to say with caller. I walked from my seat to secretary that had company's phone to received that unknown calling… Continue reading When foreigners come to Thailand a lot

Let’s go to Songkran Festival, the water wars in Thailand

Let's shoot, baby! Shoot them!!! Take down them all!! Oops!!! Alien prepare to invade humans!! Drench that fucking guy!! Finally one of the insanest festival in Thailand appeared again in the name of "Songkran Festival". This festival you can shoot water to everyone who carry colorful water gun!! No one cared how to drench insanely.… Continue reading Let’s go to Songkran Festival, the water wars in Thailand