Pinky Promise Grand Opening (English translation by Dada)

Finally I have my friend who helped me translated this video. OK. So what this video was saying? Let's read this. Video by Kemisara Channel Part 1/6 (0:00-5:00) "Let's meet... Hey... What is this name?" Male MC asked to female MC. "Sister Dao... Dugedao Chumratpaisarn." "Please clap your hand to welcome Dugedao." Male MC… Continue reading Pinky Promise Grand Opening (English translation by Dada)


Review HORMONES 3 THE FINAL SEASON soundtracks

Someday when I was playing Twitter, I looked at Twitter timeline that had many feeds from Fon ╳ Belle due to I followed users who were Fon ╳ Belle shippers from Thailand and another countries, such as Vietnam, China, Taiwan, etc. Many contents that were appeared on the clean & tidy Twitter's timeline contained with Fon ╳ Belle contents. Some… Continue reading Review HORMONES 3 THE FINAL SEASON soundtracks

Behind the scene “Hormones The Series Translation”

Every Sunday, I woke up at morning 06:00 AM. Then I brushed my teeth, opened my computer, go to LINE TV website, sought latest video of Hormones The Series, open Photoshop and... Now!!! Translation work started! First phase, took many screenshots. This phase might use more than 2 hours for finishing each episode. Application to… Continue reading Behind the scene “Hormones The Series Translation”

ZomZom & Pala (Hormones 3 Ending)

Don't fear, ZomZom. My grandmother love you too. . . . Are you fucking sure? Pala? Know about ZomZom Narupornkamol Shaisaeng (Praew) as “ZomZom” Real name & Last name : Supriya Kamolpitak Date of birth : April 19 1998 Zodiac : Aries (Count with Sidereal time) Blood type : B (The Rebel) Sexual Orientation : Heterosexuality Student ID : Nadao Bangkok 54016… Continue reading ZomZom & Pala (Hormones 3 Ending)

Jane’s hidden scene

Ping, director of Hormones Season 3 ever told to everyone about this season was cut many scene due to time constraint to on-air on TV. Some scenes were very necessary but... Finally Ping promised to everyone about necessary scenes will be shown at EP.14 "Behind the scene". There are 3 necessary scenes that was cut. 2… Continue reading Jane’s hidden scene

The truth of love | เพราะความรักไม่จำเป็นต้องปิดบัง

Fan fiction with side story for ending perfectly. Written by Campzzz This is special article for Dao & Koi (Fon ╳ Belle) fans who support my blog with Dao & Koi's contents a lot. Thank you for watching and reading my article with Dao & Koi contents. บทความนี้เป็นบทความพิเศษเพื่อแฟนๆที่ติดตามดาวกับก้อย (Fon ╳ Belle) และอ่านบทความของเราเกี่ยวกับดาวก้อย (ซึ่งมีน้อยมาก 5555) ขอบคุณทุกๆคนที่ได้ดูและอ่านบทความเกี่ยวกับดาวและก้อยของเราครับ I am… Continue reading The truth of love | เพราะความรักไม่จำเป็นต้องปิดบัง

Kanompang (Hormones 3 Ending) [C]

Clean version. None of any swear words. (if have, they are censored.) Oil.. Why don't you answer me? Why did you lie to me? I want to know about you. What are you thinking with me? Why don't you speak directly to me? Why!!!? And everything you stay with me... How can I make you… Continue reading Kanompang (Hormones 3 Ending) [C]