Kwan (Hormones female protagonist)

*************************************************************************************   For more pictures are coming soon. Know about Kwan Aungsumarin Sirapattarasuckmetha (Patty) as “Kwan” Real name & Last name : Kongkwan Dilokthummasakul Date of Birth : October 18 1995 Zodiac : Libra (count with Sidereal time) Blood type : A (The Role Model) Sexual Orientation : Heterosexuality Student ID : Nadao Bangkok 52137 Habit : Very clever, exert everything to do, sincere, tender,… Continue reading Kwan (Hormones female protagonist)


Jelly (Hormones Character)

I love everyone. I love to be among many people. Looks like many girls interest me... I love to do many activities... Love to be famous... Love to be the best team... For me... I feel lucky to be the girl. (Jelly's vision only.) Phawadee Kumchokpaisarn (Gookgai) as “Jelly” Real name & Last name : Wasuwee… Continue reading Jelly (Hormones Character)

Sun (Hormones Character [E])

Hahaha!! I'm very lucky about I was born to be a man. Whatever? I can flirt everyone who I feel love. Nothing can't stop me. Because I decided to do this. I'm popular as same as Win. Looks like Win gave 2 successors, Jane and me. For gorgeous ladies... I will scan you! (Sun's vision… Continue reading Sun (Hormones Character [E])

ZomZom (Hormones Character)

Huh!!!? I just know about my dad is gay. First time I felt worried very much... But my daughter, Mali have father who was gay too. Why did my dad lie my mom? But this situation... I felt weird very much... (ZomZom's vision only) Narupornkamol Shaisaeng (Praew) as "ZomZom" Real name & Last name : Supriya… Continue reading ZomZom (Hormones Character)

Dao & Koi (Hormones Characters)

Translated by Dada Cupcake 100% One thing that make their relationship to be soulmate together Is the real love that can't be occurred with man and woman only. Love is greatest power that human can make and give together. Although Dao & Koi ever separated, but truth of their love can be returned again and… Continue reading Dao & Koi (Hormones Characters)

Win (Hormones male protagonist) [E]

    What!!!? When? Where? Why? Who? I want to ask something about.... Why this rule is nonsense? Why can't I do it? But... Kwan.... Why don't you love me? I tried everything to love you. But finally... I felt asshole when you still love me... (Win's vision only.) Know about Win Pachorn Jirathiwat (Peach)… Continue reading Win (Hormones male protagonist) [E]

Toey (Hormones Character)

She love to make cupcakes Her heart is really sweet Her eyes have more sincere to everyone She don't interest any gossip stories Sometimes she may confused What is love? What is passion? Why Tar love me? Why Pooh want to return to me? But... Don't think a lot. They love me...? I don't care...… Continue reading Toey (Hormones Character)