Thonglor living guide : One thing that Thonglor doesn’t have…

If I have money to buy condominium unit, I will choose at Thonglor. I also love Thonglor too much. Thonglor is my life. Thonglor is the center of residence in Bangkok. You can go to any landmarks in Bangkok as you want with urban train transportation.

And now Thonglor will have new urban train that end at Thonglor road. So condominium developers prefer to build with luxurious class. And now there are many condominiums that you can see in Thonglor.

Why Thonglor?

Actually, Thonglor has interested history about Japanese soldiers built the base in WWII era. After WWII ended, Some Japaneses still lived in this place that it was changed to Thonglor road in 10 years later.

Actually, in 90’s and 2000-2010, Thonglor wasn’t luxurious residence place as today. Thonglor was only little Japanese town. When you passed Thonglor, you would think that was ordinary place as another alleys in Bangkok. And Thonglor didn’t have any landmarks to let tourists came to this place.

Until 2010s, Many nightclubs and pubs were opened at Thonglor 10th alley. That wasn’t true reason.

In 2015 or later, Chinese investors thought properties in Thailand could make money too much. And that time Bangkok was one of the most place to travel. With balanced temperature, so many Chinese loved Bangkok very much and they invested properties all around Bangkok since 2015.

That time property’s price in Thailand was rising up continuously. Until now Thonglor is one of the most expensive land price in Thailand.

And why I recommend you about Thonglor?

Because Thonglor is fulfilled with facilities. You can go to BTS sky train, shopping at Emporium, EmQuartier, go to Ramintra, etc. And night time, you can hang out with friends with impressive pubs in Thonglor. Not only night time, at daytime, you can appoint someone to have lunch at community mall in Thonglor.

Everything is really perfect.

But one thing that Thonglor doesn’t have…

Big problem I’ve found in Thonglor is…

No park.

Seriously, why I think Thonglor without park is problem?

Actually, billionaires’ vision aren’t same as millionaires about property that billionaires see. They don’t mind about expensive penthouse condominium units, but they care about LANDMARK VIEW!

I have read Donald Trump’s book about property vision. He focus to build property with the best view with central park. And I agreed with this.

In Bangkok, there are big park that placed at downtown named Lumpini Park that was placed near Silom Road and Rava IV road. Many residents who live near Lumpini park always workout every morning and after work off. This is one of the biggest green zone in Bangkok that healthy people like this.

And now many elite people are serious with healthy lifestyle. They already prepare to pay healthy food, healthy activities, healthy area, etc. So I really recommend at Thonglor zone should have park.

Thonglor living guide : Don’t own any cars.

Big problem that always happens in Thonglor is “traffic jam every night on Friday and Saturday.” Reason is… Every Friday and Saturday are the day of hanging out, nightlife activities. If you live at Thonglor, please don’t buy any cars. Although you are rich, but using cars in Bangkok is useless and car price is always lower every years. It isn’t good asset.

But you should have small vehicles, such as bicycle or kick scooter. No fuel need, just only your energy. But if you use these, please check pavements that you always pass them. Some pavements in Bangkok is really bad. It may disturb your experience.

Future forecast to Thonglor.

I’ve checked all locations in Thonglor. Look like there are many condominiums that will make Thonglor is one of the most crowded uptown in future. I don’t know why Bangkok doesn’t control investors who want to build condominiums in Thonglor to limit developments. And now I think Thonglor will be congested severely.

For me, I think Thonglor should have big trees beside road and make better pavements. And I recommend to have park for great activities and have green zone.


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