1 year experience of Sony a6000

I bought Sony a6000 in April 2017. Now this was 1 year later. I loved this camera so much. I remembered when I went out from my home, I needed to pick my Sony a6000 to take candid photos on streets in Bangkok after I finished working for each days. I enjoyed photographing too much and I thought the best time to take photos was after evening.

Actually, I ever had personal model name “Haruka”. I met her and took photos often for 8 months. Most place I met her was at Siam Zone. Then I came with her for getting nice photos.

2017-11-05 09.37.13 1
Haruka, girl who ever was my model.

Until she moved away from Bangkok to anywhere I didn’t know, so I couldn’t connect to her forever. Now photographing portrait was so harder. I needed connecting my friends who was promotional model but looked like she was busy. So I stopped portrait photography temporally.

I didn’t tell you how about usage of Sony a6000. This camera was really good, affordable price, nice RAW files, WiFi connection to my phone for uploading photos to social network immediately. I could give photos to models quickly.

But you might know Sony lens were expensive. I used with cheap lens from China named “7Artisans”. I used it with portrait photography jobs. This lens could give very smooth pictures. That was 7Artisans’s character. I ever tried with Sony lens and usage with autofocus was like a boss. Sony a6000 focused very fast.

Another features of Sony a6000 was, this camera could modify decorations. I could do cosmetics to my camera to be unique. Now I put Soft release that I could press shutter easier. I could put leather half case for raising beauty and protect my camera greater. I changed camera strap from Sony brand to other strap with red color due to I loved red color.

Another flaw I got from this camera was Sony a6000 was small camera. Some clients who saw my Sony a6000 thought that was compact camera that can’t photograph well. Actually, that was mirrorless camera that could change lens as DSLR. But I solved this belief by putting my camera to tripod. That was so really professional looking.

Sony a6000 was one of the greatest camera for street photography. It was small, rangefinder style, has viewfinder, nice looking camera as compact camera that you can took strangers photos with permissions due to strangers thought Sony a6000 was as ordinary compact camera. But sadly, looked like Sony didn’t pay attention to create prime lens for street photography to their camera well. I also used Wesley 24mm f1.8 for street photography or Geekster 35mm f1.6 for normal vision.

With Sony a6000, I passed many moments I felt impressive with them.

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The best job I’ve ever get : Ploylapus’s graduation

Client : Ploylapus (Mookmuay’s friend)
Place : Queen Sirikit National Convention Center
Time of working : 15:00 – 18:00

Please listen song below first.

If you can’t listen because of blocking countries issues, listen below.

Reason for listening these songs because feeling from this event was same as saying good bye to friends who stayed together since we learned together at university. Long time ago I didn’t come to commencement day due to my friends were graduated 4 years ago. When I walked to Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, pictures I watched was nostalgia.


Then Mookmuay sent messages to LINE application on my smartphone.

Mookmuay : Hey!!! Where are you?
I : Just coming to QSNCC.
Mookmuay : I’m at front of plenary hall with my friends. See ya.
I : Yeah.

Mookmuay pointed location to me. I knew the front of plenary hall. I ever met Yvessaint, my friend from high school who graduated with bachelor degree since 2014. That place I already knew well. I walked quickly from entrance of QSNCC to the front of plenary hall to meet Mookmuay and her friends. There were many people who were congratulating their friends. Many people blocked my way!! I couldn’t go!

“Excuse me.” I said to someone who blocked my way.

“Sorry. I’m photographing. Please wait.” Damn it!! They blocked my way. People who were walking couldn’t walk together. Then photographer stopped blocking way and I continued walking to Mookmuay.

Until I came to Plenary hall. I sought Mookmuay and her friends. Where were they?

I walked to the front of Plenary hall. Finally, Mookmuay greeted me aggressively.

“Hey what’s up?” Mookmuay said to me before I reached to her friends. “How do you come here?”

“I come with bus.” I answered. “So where’s your friend, Ploy?”

“Ploy?” Mookmuay said before she sought her friend quickly. Then she pointed to right direction to show that was Ploy. And Mookmuay called to ploy loudly.

“Ploy!!” Mookmuay said. “Your photographer is here.”

“Who?” Ploy asked.

“Here.” Mookmuay said and she pointed to me. Then Ploy greeted me immediately. “Hello!!!”

“Hi, Ploy.” I greeted back.

“Ploy. This is Camp, my brother. Camp… This is Ploy, my beautiful lovely friend.”

“You’re pretty good.” I said to Ploy.

“Where can you photograph me?” Ploy asked.

“Outside.” I answered and pointed to many crowd. “Look at that. There’re many crowd!! If I photograph here, photos may not be beautiful.”

“I agree.” Mookmuay said. “So where will you photograph?”

“Follow me.” I said and let Mookmuay and her friends followed me to appropriate places.

Commencement day was one of the hardest event I ever get. Crowded people were one of important obstacle for accepting job. Strangers always ruined my photo. They appeared on photograph frame. I still aimed my camera to the direction without stranger, but that was too hard.


I was good at photographing with candid style. I let Ploy and her friends did something together before I shot without counting 1,2,3. Photos with candid style was so natural. It was same as using motion capture on AAA games. We were needing natural movement.

I called Ploy and her friends to some areas in QSSNC without crowded. I photographed immediately without calculating with any theories for getting decisive moment before someone would photobombed to me. I adjusted Ploy’s poses and photographed 3 times before moving to new place. That was really hurry.


Then I came to the garden at front of QSSNC. There was some backdrops at here for photograph with congratulations moments. Ploy requested me to photograph her and her friends at that backdrop. I focused and shot without counting any numbers for getting natural pose. Counting 1,2,3 might make models stressed.


After my working, Mookmuay brought me and Ploy got in her car. She drove out from QSSNC before going to somewhere. She drove very fast until I felt fear little.

“Where are you going?” Mookmuay asked me when she just got out from QSSNC.

“At BTS Asok station.” I answered.

“To come home?” Mookmuay asked again.

“No. I will go to EmQuartier. But you send me at Asok junction.” I answered. That time I didn’t want to go home because I needed to go to EmQuartier first.

“OK.” Mookmuay said and she drove to Asok junction. After that, Ploy said to me “Thank you for your photograph me. And when will I get photos from you?”

“3 days later.” I answered.

“OK. I can wait it.”

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The hardest job : Nightlife Karaoke

Client : Ploylapus (Mookmuay’s friend)
Place : Waterside
Time of working : 19:00 – 01:00 on next day

This was the hardest job I had ever gotten.

First time Ploy, Mookmuay’s friend hired me to photograph her and her friends for congratulate of graduation at Waterside. The way to the Waterside was so really insane. My hometown was Bangna, but Waterside was at Nuanjan district. I had to go with MRT subway from Sukhumvit station to Lad Prao station first, then I used bus to Pradit Manudham Rd for 3km!!

Finally, 2 hours later…

I came to Waterside, Karaoke service at 19:30. I called to Ploy for locating her destination.

“Hello.” I said.

“Hi… Where are you?” Ploy asked me.

“I’m at front of Waterside.” I answered.

“Go to room number K27.” Ploy marked destination.

“OK. See you.”

After that, I hung up and walked to room number K27. I walked around Waterside Bangkok and looked like many people were singing together with congratulations from commencement day. They enjoyed with their friends. I saw to the sky and I felt rain would be coming soon. I knew that wind well.

But… Finding K27 room was so hard. I walked to the nearest waiter and asked him for K27 room.

“Hi. Where is K27 room?” I asked to waiter.

“Go there. K27 room is that way.” He answered and pointed location to K27. Looked like K27 room was so deep until I couldn’t reach it. I still sought K27 room by seeing rooms number for probably of K27. I still saw and thought location of K27, but that was far away.

I still sought it, sought it, sought it…

Until I saw K27 room. That was one of premium room with very big. I came to that room and Ploy greeted me.

“Hi!! Camp.” She greeted.

“Hi, Ploy.” I said.

“Mookmuay is coming. She is stuck at expressway.” Ploy said about Mookmuay to me. She drove from her home at Rama 2 to Waterside. That was so really too far away!!

“Really? I hope she is coming now.” I said.

“Her home is too far away from Waterside. Look like she will come in 1 hour.” Ploy said. “Hey!! Let’s eat this.”

Ploy already ordered delicious food menus at the table. I ate them with my hungry. 2 hours ago from MRT Lad Prao to Waterside was really insane. I stuck at bus without eating anything. I ate it without caring anyone.


Now Ploy and her friends ate meals and drank soft drinks together. She sang karaoke with her happiness. She chose old songs since 10 years ago when she was teenagers (year 2000-2010). That songs I heard I felt in love with it. That was nostalgia.


Photographing with this work was really easy. But I didn’t know how to photograph with flash bouncing. I took with natural light that I opened wide aperture from 35mm f1.6 lens. I could photograph with low light well. It was really beautiful.


I photographed for 4 hours until 1:00.


Waterside closed. Songs were stuck.

Returning to my home was very hard, but Mookmuay sent me to Thonglor. She brought me from Waterside to Thonglor with her car.

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Best portrait photo event

Client : Mookmuay
Place : Siam Square
Time of working : 13:00 – 15:00

After Haruka leaved away from Bangkok, I couldn’t connect to her. I still chose someone could substitute Haruka in this time. I still sought until I saw my old friend who ever worked at earlier company. Her name was Mookmuay.

Mookmuay was a lady who loved passionate places in Bangkok. She loved to meet new people with her friends. She loved luxurious lifestyle in Thonglor. She worked at Sathorn, but sometimes she moved herself after working to Thonglor for meeting her friends at nightclubs. Her best skills was selling anything in this world.

She was born to be the ultimate sellers in the universe. She could sell anything since cosmetics to real estates. Her selling skills was really insane. If you want to buy anything, but Mookmuay came to you, you might buy it from her immediately. Beware her!!

Best event ever

Client : None
Place : Rewind Bar
Time of working : 18:00 – 02:00 (drunk)

For full story, please look at “How to be single in BKK city event”.

Long time ago I didn’t come to Thonglor for exclusive party. When I came to Thonglor, I came to meet my friends who sold grilled meat with Sichuan pepper that made my tongue to be numb only. Another that? Nothing to do anything.

Thonglor in this time was changed too much. This place will be the luxurious resident area in Bangkok that had many convenient utilities around Thonglor. If you drive your car to Sukhumvit 39 alley, you will see the secret city inside this alley and this can bring you to the main road of Thonglor.

Before this exclusive event, someone invited bloggers in Blogger Bootcamp chat group in LINE application. She said about…

“Hello all bloggers or press staff from my Facebook fanpage.

On Friday (July 20 2018), we will make appointment at Rewind Bar, Thonglor 6th alley. Say again! We have exclusive dinner on 17:00. Event will start at 18:00. Free drink until Chang beer will be empty. And you can drink special mixed liquor from Rewind Bar and Kosaparn until 21:00.

For visitor who selfie with your book and check in at Rewind Bar, don’t forget to type #HowToBeSingleInBKKCity #Kosapan for lucky draw with Kosaparn liquor, brand new liquor from Thailand & France.

*At Rewind bar doesn’t have parking, recommend to go with pubic transportation. If you drive with your car, please park at 8Thonglor + Market Place (parking fee 20-40 Baht per hour.)

See you at Rewind Bar.

Dress code : Metropolian, Friday night partying attire

Don’t know Rewind bar or need any informations, tell to 

091748xxxx Nuchy (PR)
095349xxxx Mudmie (PR)”

“That’s interesting.” I said immediately when someone in LINE group announced this. Long time ago I didn’t come to any private party as this. Now I didn’t want to miss it.

After that, I picked my smartphone and dialed to Mudmie for reserving permission in this event. But, looked like Mudmie missed my call.

2 minutes later, my smartphone rang. That time I was at my office room. I walked from office room to receive Mudmie’s calling.

“Hello.” I said.

“Hi. Have anything else?” Mudmie asked me.

“I want to reserve permission at How to be single in BKK debut event.” I answered interestingly.

“So where are you from?”

“CAMPZZZ.” I answered. Looked like Mudmie thought I’m journalist, but actually, I’m blogger.

“OK. So can you give your LINE ID?” Mudmie requested my LINE ID. In Thailand, main chat application on smartphone is LINE. Adding someone need LINE ID or QR code to add to friend list for chatting.

“Yeah. add me on LINE ID : campzzz.” I said.

“OK. So I will announce later. Thank you for interesting our event. See you at Rewind Bar. Good bye.” Mudmie said before she hung up.

Look liked my tales of adventure in Thonglor will return again…

Top 5 best photos I’ve ever shot


Beast appeared! I came to Rewind Bar for “How to be single in BKK city” event.


Mookmuay at Sky walk, Siam Discovery X Siam Center

2018-02-06 08.34.02 1

Walker at Yaowarat Road.


Say cheese!!!


The continuous people


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