Meet the Tavepong Pratoomwong, The Sony guy!

Since I purchased Sony a6000 for my tools of using my works, Early time I interested photographring street photography with 35mm lens. For Sony a6000, it used APS-C sensor size, so all of lens used with this must multiply by 1.5x from focal length, such as if I used 50mm lens with Sony a6000, Focal length will be 75mm, or if I used 35mm lens, I will get 52.5mm focal length. 

First time I explored the meaning of street photography. It wasn’t intrended as portrait photography with famous model, but I looked many street photos and I stunted with passion inside photos I had watched all. Many street photos included people with doing anything without posing to be photographed. They had natural gesture. I took Roti sellers at the pavement of Thonglor and they did it well. They made Roti without caring anyone who was photograph him. He still making Roti until it finished. After that, customers who were waiting Roti felt appreciated and clapped their hand for their happiness. Then Roti maker wrapped Roti(s) with white paper before he gave them to customers.

This was story from photo below.


Although street photography isn’t popular too much in Thailand, but around the world, street photography is one of art genre that photographers feel happy when they take street photography. They go outside and pick their camera before photograph, photograph and photograph! Until someone was born to be one of the greatest street photographer in the world. His name is Tavepong Pratoomwong.

Coming to S.A.C. is really hard.

Taveepong Pratoomwong exhibited his street photos exhibition named “Good Day Bad Day but Everyday” at S.A.C. art exhibition at Vadhana District in Bangkok, Thailand. Way to the S.A.C. was really hard. For wanderers, you must come with BTS sky train and arrived with Prompong station, then you got out from BTS before walking to Sukhumvit 39 alley.


Inside Sukhumvit 39 alley, this was entrance of the Little Japan. Many Japanese were living at Vadhana district. I walked to Sukhumvit 39 and I always saw Japanese families were going to Japanese restaurant in Sukhumvit 39. There were many condominiums around Vadhana district so many Japanese people lived here. When I walked to deep zone, there were many convenient store, such as 7-11, family mart. I felt thirsty so I purchased bottle of water for 7 Baht. It’s very cheap, but really useful for health. I drank water and I didn’t feel thirsty more.

But S.A.C. was very far. I couldn’t reach it. Until near 7:00 PM, sunlight was terminated. Now many cars were going to the way I was going to S.A.C. Traffic was jammed and horns from cars always made noise.


5 minutes later, I reached to S.A.C. before I was coming to S.A.C., Moose wine girl greeted me.

“Hello. Get these wines for better experiences of watching painting.” Wine vendor said to me. I saw to her and I thought she was really nice. Her shape was so slender. Looked like she worked out everyday. Her smile was so really beautiful. Her eyes weren’t too big and monolid eyes. She sent luscious eyes contacts to me.

“Thank you.” I said and got a bottle of Moose wine. Looked like that was apple cider. Um… Cider was really delicious. I ever drank cider from Moose. Taste was really great. I drank apple cider and….

That was always delicious!

Not vodka. Not rum, but cider.

Then I entered to S.A.C. with my excitement. But… When I came to 2nd floor, I kept seeking Tavepong’s street photos, but looked like none of Tavepong’s photo? Where were they?


Actually, I was watching  1992 – 2005 (2018), a solo exhibition by Lik Sriprasert, one of famous artist in Thailand. That day was grand opening day, so appetizers were got for free. I ate it more times until I thought that was really delicious.

Pizza!!! That was it!


But I needed seeing Tavepong Pratoomwong’s photo exhibition. Where was it?

About Tavepong Pratoomwong.


Before the Sony Guy

Tavepong Pratoomwong was born in Chanthaburi , Thailand in 1981.
He interested in the art of photography for long time since studied in Rangsit University.

By the way , he changed into a camera equipment mania when time pass by. He almost stopped shooting until the end of 2013 when his wife surprised him with marriage anniversary gift. It is a ticket to Varanasi, India. That ticket , that trip is the turning point of him to take pictures again.

After went back to Thailand he joined the Street Photo Thailand’s activities ”365 days in 2014” created by Noppadol Weerakitti. It let him go out and taking photos everyday since then.

Now He have joined 2 photographic collectives.
iN-PUBLiC , StreetPhotoThailand

After that…?


He was Sony’s brand ambassador. Now he used Sony camera to take photos and shared experiences of street photography with Sony cameras. When he broadcast live videos on Facebook, guests who broadcast with Tavepong might tease him as “hard seller” because he always advertised Sony camera products with hard sales!!

He always appeared on “คุยกันใหญ่” (Huge talks), live program by

2018-08-01 (1)

When new Sony cameras announced, such as Sony a9, a7RIII, a7III, he always posted these news on his Facebook page to sale Sony cameras. And the day of debut these products, he might appeared.

Perhaps he appeared in some Facebook pages, such as ไข่แมว (Cat’s ball), he commented and some Tavepong’s followers replied comments, he replied with Sony camera’s references.

M Prasit : Fucking frightening!
Tavepong : M Prasit If I didn’t use 20fps feature from Sony a9*, I couldn’t capture this.
Chawapat : Do you use Sony RX100 VI? Continue shooting with 24fps hahaha.

*Sony a9 is flagship Sony camera with powerful features and defeats everything as camera in the world can. Continuous shooting is really fast. You can take RAW files with 20fps!!! AND THIS IS MIRRORLESS FULL FRAME CAMERA!

Pose with Leica? No No No!


One of the best moment of this event was when someone equipped many Leica cameras to be photographed, Tavepong saw him and he ran to that guy immediately. He felt meh and said “Oh no no no no no!!!!”

“What?” Some photographers who gave Leica cameras suspected.

“No Leica!!” Tavepong answered. “Don’t you know what sponsor of this exhibition is?”


Then Tavepong picked all of Leica cameras from that guy out to owners, but he gave his Sony cameras to the poser and said “That’s it!!”


Yeah, when Tavepong came to somewhere, everything will be Sony!

“OK. Let’s photograph him.” Tavepong said and photographers took photos a lot.

Actually, Sony camera was really good. Very great RAW files, natural electronic viewfinder, tiny body, but bad ergonomic design. Sony camera can use with professional work certainly. It was new generation of camera that be game changer. Early time of mirrorless camera, it was built for beginner or enthusiasts, but now Sony could make their camera to use with professional.

Some Tavepong’s photos was taken with Sony’s premium compact camera. He used photos from it and printed to show at his exhibition. Many photos were really decisive. This was reason why Tavepong chose Sony camera, because Sony camera could capture decisive moment very well.

Contact to Tavepong Pratoomwong at

Facebook : Tavepong Pratoomwong
Instagram : @tavepong_street
Flickr : TAVEPONG PRATOOMWONG : Tavepong Pratoomwong

How to go S.A.C.?

Recommended photos.



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