How to be single in BKK city debut party @Rewind Bar Thonglor

Long time ago I didn’t come to Thonglor for exclusive party. When I came to Thonglor, I came to meet my friends who sold grilled meat with Sichuan pepper that made my tongue to be numb only. Another that? Nothing to do anything.

Thonglor in this time was changed too much. This place will be the luxurious resident area in Bangkok that had many convenient utilities around Thonglor. If you drive your car to Sukhumvit 39 alley, you will see the secret city inside this alley and this can bring you to the main road of Thonglor.

2017-11-04 11.49.19 2

But that wasn’t matter as this event, “How to be single in BKK city debut party @Rewind Bar Thonglor.”

That’s interested event.

Before this exclusive event, someone invited bloggers in Blogger Bootcamp chat group in LINE application. She said about…

“Hello all bloggers or press staff from my Facebook fanpage.

On Friday (July 20 2018), we will make appointment at Rewind Bar, Thonglor 6th alley. Say again! We have exclusive dinner on 17:00. Event will start at 18:00. Free drink until Chang beer will be empty. And you can drink special mixed liquor from Rewind Bar and Kosaparn until 21:00.

For visitor who selfie with your book and check in at Rewind Bar, don’t forget to type #HowToBeSingleInBKKCity #Kosapan for lucky draw with Kosaparn liquor, brand new liquor from Thailand & France.

*At Rewind bar doesn’t have parking, recommend to go with pubic transportation. If you drive with your car, please park at 8Thonglor + Market Place (parking fee 20-40 Baht per hour.)

See you at Rewind Bar.

Dress code : Metropolian, Friday night partying attire

Don’t know Rewind bar or need any informations, tell to 

091748xxxx Nuchy (PR)
095349xxxx Mudmie (PR)”

“That’s interesting.” I said immediately when someone in LINE group announced this. Long time ago I didn’t come to any private party as this. Now I didn’t want to miss it.

After that, I picked my smartphone and dialed to Mudmie for reserving permission in this event. But, looked like Mudmie missed my call.

2 minutes later, my smartphone rang. That time I was at my office room. I walked from office room to receive Mudmie’s calling.

“Hello.” I said.

“Hi. Have anything else?” Mudmie asked me.

“I want to reserve permission at How to be single in BKK debut event.” I answered interestingly.

“So where are you from?”

“CAMPZZZ.” I answered. Looked like Mudmie thought I’m journalist, but actually, I’m blogger.

“OK. So can you give your LINE ID?” Mudmie requested my LINE ID. In Thailand, main chat application on smartphone is LINE. Adding someone need LINE ID or QR code to add to friend list for chatting.

“Yeah. add me on LINE ID : campzzz.” I said.

“OK. So I will announce later. Thank you for interesting our event. See you at Rewind Bar. Good bye.” Mudmie said before she hung up.

Look liked my tales of adventure in Thonglor will return again…

I come to Rewind bar first.

At 16:40, I arrived Thonglor BTS station. I walked out from BTS system quickly from my excitement. I hyped this private party too much until I didn’t feel hungry. I paid attention to this event until I walked to Thonglor 6th alley. It was simple to reach it.


But looked like Thonglor 6th alley was too small alley until I felt surprised. It was too small and looked like private alley, but I kept walking until I saw “Rewind Bar” sign. That was it. I reached it.

“Hello!!” PR greeted me. “Where are you come from?”

“CAMPZZZ.” I answered.

“Please sign your signature at your name.” PR introduced before she gave papers of press & staff name lists. I picked my pen from my bag to sign my signature.

“Here.” I said after finishing sign my signature.

“Thank you.” PR said. “Give this.” Then she gave a black paper bag with “How to be single in BKK” book. This book had shocking pink tone on front cover and book named used with yellow color. Under book name had 4 ladies who I guessed they were happy with their party or seeing to the sky at the night of Friday. I flipped this book to see book price and looked like price was… decent. “How to be single in BKK city” price was 295 Baht. Due to this book was novel, so price was more expensive than How-To books on generic bookstores.

I put black paper bag in my bag again. Then I saw dining menu. Looked like that was simple menu I could eat it free.

“Hi!!” Pink, writer who wrote “How to be single in BKK city” greeted me. “Feel free to eat and drink. Relax before crazy in tonight till late.”

“Thank you.” I said before I felt curious to her. “What’s your name?”

“Pink.” She answered.

“I’m Camp. Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too, Camp.” Pink said before she entered to Rewind Bar. After that, beautiful girl was walking to me and she said “Hello!!”

“!!!?” I confused. I didn’t know who she was.

“Can you remember me?” She asked before she smiled. I couldn’t know her! I confused immediately and said “I don’t know. What’s your name?”

“Pui.” She answered. “Why are you forgetting my name!!!? I ever worked as promotional model at Motor Show. Don’t you really remember me?”

“No…. I’m sorry.” I answered.

“What?” She felt angry, but I laughed.

“Hahaha.” I said. “Yeah yeah yeah. I remember you.”

“That’s good.” She said. “Do you come lonely? Where is your friend?”

“I love to seek new friend.” I gave my opinion and smiled to her. “They may be at here.”

“Hahaha.” Pui laughed. “Do you already eat meals?”

“Yes.” I answered. “And you?”

“No. I just come here.” Pui said. “So I will eat meal first. See you inside Rewind Bar.”

“OK.” I smiled and walked to inside of Rewind Bar.

Inside Rewind Bar, there were many people who welcomed visitors. They were really friendly. I greeted everyone in Rewind Bar, but…


Looked like I found someone who interest camera as same as me.

“Hey!! Looked like your camera is nice.” A guy who was holding Fujifilm X-Pro 2 greeted to me.

“Really?” I asked.

“Yes.” He said. Looked like he was camera geek. “What is that lens?”

“Geekster 35mm f1.6.” I answered.

“Manual focus lens? Do you use manual focus lens?”

“Of course.” I answered. “That’s suit to me.”

“Um… Rarely I see this.” He said.

“This lens can take photos at low light area.” I described more.

“Wow!! What’s your name?”


“I’m Korn. Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too.”


Long time I saw people who interest camera. Really long time. Many people interested my background. They always asked where I came from, or who I was. They thought I was photographer, but I was really blogger.

Until Pink came here.

“Hello!!!” Pink greeted me again.

“Hi!!!” I greeted back.

“Announcement will be start soon. Don’t go away from Rewind Bar.” She said.


Looked like Pink was so friendly. They always greeted me and needed to say something. I saw her eyes and I thought she was so really fierce. She might be party girl. I knew!!! I knew that feeling well. She was really true party girl! Now Pink walked around Rewind Bar and she greeted other guests who visited here.

Until MC came to mini stage and started to say something.

First hour, many people.

“Hey everyone listen to me.” She said with microphone. Everyone who were talking paid attention to MC immediately. Someone who was drinking and talking without caring anyone stopped immediately. MC in this event wasn’t hot, but she could control every guests at here.

I observed around me… Um………

But… Hey!!! Looked like my friend who was blogger as same as me greeted me. She came to here too slow. Looked like she was so happy when she found me surprisingly. She smiled and said “Hi, Camp!!!”

“Jaa!! That’s you!” I shouted loudly with my surprising mind. That was so really excited. Jaa was a lady who interest passionate atmospheres. She loved to go any events that had many people. She loved to see new friends around here. Yeah, she is socializer!

Right lady is Jaa.

“How long did you come?” She asked.

“For an hour.” I answered. “I came since 17:00. Have you eaten dinner?”

“No. I have just come here.” Jaa answered. “And who bloggers do they come here more?”

“Sunday.” I answered. Actually, Sunday, another blogger already came here. “He was enjoying with his friends.”

“Really? Sunday?” Jaa felt excited. “Where!!?”

“Here.” I answered and pointed to the direction that Sunday was enjoying with his friend.

Left is Pink, Right is Sunday.

Sunday was blogger who wrote about traveling experiences around the world. He needed to explore new experiences with his close friends and seeking local people around city he arrived. Because experience was more important than knowledge from the book, he always needed to go somewhere and wrote on his personal blog.

But now Sunday was busy. I also warned Jaa “Jaa. Sunday is now busy.”

“Really?” Jaa asked.

“Yes.” I answered. “Look like announcement is starting.”

“OK. After MC says, I will meet Sunday.”


Now MC was announcing “How to be single in BKK city.” Until Pink described behind the scene of writing “How to be single in BKK city.” She grabbed microphone and started talking to everyone.


“Thank you everyone who come to Rewind Bar for guesting “How to be single in BKK city” debut event. I also happy very much when I have written this fiction completely. This book contains everything I have found in my life and I need to share everyone who are single and live in Bangkok. I have good and bad experiences around Bangkok. Although my life may be stuck with bad moments, but my close friends always cheered and supports me all of time.

I ever had boyfriend, but… many boyfriends I ever met were really insane and really asshole. I ever thought foreign guys were nice, but I thought wrong. That was really bad experience I ever found. But if you wanted to know more experiences, read “How to be single in BKK city.” That’s gift for you.”

After Pink finished saying, everyone and me clapped our hands for congratulations together. Then Master Pop, Pink’s brother told about Pink and his background. Actually, Master Pop ever was novelist who wrote “White Road”, “Fate’s diary” or more. Now he had written “ไปใช้ชีวิตซะ!”, How-to self improvement book and he worked as life coach who unlocked everyone’s mind wth NLP theory. Since when Master Pop was child, he feared ghosts too much, but Pink helped to stay with him when he was at toilet. He and Pink also stayed together. Sometimes Pink was heartbroken, Master Pop also helped Pink for terminating her melancholy of heartless guy. That was his life.

Then party started!

Oh! That’s insane!

After debut of “How to be single in BKK city”, party started. Rewind Bar bartender served with rum and lime mix to everyone. Long time I drank liquor. It might be awesome when I drank it. Bartender continued serving mixed drinks to everyone. I picked glass of rum & lime to drink for getting drinking experiences at tonight. Looked like this glass was so insane. It made me drunk easily.

“Why is this so insane?” I asked!

“Hey!!! Let’s drink together.” Now Pink invited me to clink glass together. She saw to my drink but not found. “Where is your drink?”

“I just drank it.” I answered.

“Pick it more and cheers together!” Pink said. “No drunk, No go home!! OK?”

“Maybe.” I said. Actually, I had to control my mind for meeting another people in this event. I came to Jaa and looked like she said and talked insanely with her friends. Until she didn’t interest me. After that, I saw to Rewind Bar’s door. Looked like someone was coming…

That’s…. A lady who was very tall!!

Who was she?

When she came to inside Rewind Bar, I greeted her first. She was really tall and I needed to greet her now.

“Hello!!!” I said. “What’s your name?”


Sabrina, the secret

“Ah!!!! I know you!” I said immediately. Actually, everyone knew her. She was from The Face Thailand first season. I didn’t know who was winner of The Face Thailand. But I heard Sabrina well.

“Hahahaha.” Sabrina said. “Do you already drink?”

“Maybe.” I answered. “Pink invited me relentlessly to drink this drunk water.”

“Where is Pink?” Sabrina asked.

“I don’t know.” I answered. “She is talkative. Look like she go outside.”

“Hahaha.” Sabrina laughed. But her friends came to Sabrina and talked to her. But Pink hooked me and said…

“Hey!!! What are you waiting for?”

“I have just talked to Sabrina.” I said.

“Sabrina? Don’t pay attention to her! Let’s drink together.” Pink said. “She is guest, but I’m host. Interest guest more than host? What are you doing?”

“Hahaha.” I laughed. “You’re so fierce!”

“No problem!” She said. “I am always fierce.”

“And where is your friend?” I asked to Pink.

“Why do you ask to my friends?” Pink asked. “Let’s drink together.”

Looked like Pink interested me. I didn’t know why, but she was really fun to drink and be crazy without controlling everything. She made this after party will be hot. Until another hot girls was coming again. Not Sabrina, but… Yuri.


Yuri was Korean girl who came with her boyfriend and best friend, Oil. She had beautiful smile. But I thought Yuri’s face wasn’t same as Korean people much.

“Hi!!” Yuri greeted me.

“What’s your name?” I asked her.

“Yuri.” I answered.

“I’m Camp. Nice to meet you.” I greeted Yuri Back.

I thought introducing myself was so boring. Until Sabrina came out from Rewind Bar to say something with her friends. Now Jaa walked to me and said. “Hey Camp!! I need to selfie with Sabrina. Can you call Sabrina?”

“Yes.” I answered.

“Where is Sabrina?” Jaa continued asking.

“Outside Rewind Bar.” I answered. “She is talking with her friends.”

“Tell to her about someone is waiting to selfie with her.” Jaa said.

“Yeah.” After that, I walked out from Rewind Bar to talk with Sabrina. Now she was talking with her friend. I poked Sabrina and said. “Sabrina, someone is waiting you to selfie with you.”

“Really? Just a moment.” Sabrina said before I came back inside Rewind Bar. Now Jaa walked to me and said “What is Sabrina saying?”

“She will come here soon.” I answered. Jaa smiled and she continued talking with her friends. Then I walked to toilet for peeing. After peeing, I walked out from toilet, but Jaa was lost.


“Jaa!!” I said. “Jaa! Where are you?”

Then Jaa came to me and said. “Good Bye Camp. See you again.”

“Good bye Jaa.” I said before Jaa leaved from me.

10 minutes later, Sabrina came inside Rewind Bar again with her friends.

“Where are your friend?” Sabrina asked to me.

“She already went home.” I answered.

“Why?” Sabrina had little angry mind.

“Her boyfriend is waiting.” I lied Sabrina. Actually, I didn’t know why Jaa leaved from Rewind Bar.

“Hahaha.” Sabrina laughed and smiled.

Late game!

10 minutes later, Sabrina leaved out from Rewind Bar with her friend. She said “Good bye Camp. See you later.”

“Where are you going?”

“I don’t know. My friend brings me to somewhere.” Sabrina answered.

“OK. Take care yourself.” I said.

“Yeah.” Sabrina said and she smiled to me. Then Pink poked and said “Hey!!! Cheers!!!” Pink picked another glasses of mysterious lime juice to clink with me. Looked like Pink need to drink with me together.

“Where is your friend?” Pink asked.

“She already goes home.” I answered.

“And Sabrina?”



“She went with Master Pop.” I answered. “Look like she is going to somewhere.”

“My brother?” Pink asked. “OK. Can you stay with me till late?”

“As I can.”

“That’s great!” Pink said. “Let’s go!! Can you photograph me?”



After that, I picked my camera and photographed Pink. Then I didn’t say anyone more. I photographed everyone inside Rewind Bar. Now Rewind Bar was so crazy too much. My friends went back to home. New customers were coming, coming and coming. They knew I photograph, they requested me to photograph them. Many foreigners were enjoying music until the couldn’t stop themselves. Someone picked glass of drink and clinked with me. And I ate Popcorn until drunk situation couldn’t do anything.


I enjoyed with Pink, Mint, Bosslow. I took care them because we were survivor of tonight. After 2:00, Rewind Bar was closed. They opened light and Pink came back to home.

“Camp… So how long will you send photos?” Pink asked.

“2 days.” I answered. “Look like I will go home now. Thank you for exclusive joy you give to me.”

“Yeah. Good night, Camp. See you again. Good bye.”

Special Thanks

Pink : For exclusive night.
Jaa : For saying hi to me.
Sabrina : For greeting me.
Master Pop : For helping this event to be greater.



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