Durian eating guide : how to eat the smelliest food in the world!

If you come to Southeast Asia countries (ASEAN) in May – August, you may see a fruit with spiky needles on the crust around ASEAN. Especially, Bangkok. At Central World, pavements, Yaowarat road, Chaloen krung, you may see this!!

King of fruits

Not only spiky needles around crust, there are too strong smell from this fruit! Some people say this smell like vomit! But someone guarantee deliciousness from this fruit when you bite and swallow yellow meat.

This fruit called “Durian”.

Durian is the king of fruit, but damned price

Do you know? Durian price is really insane! A piece of durian is approximately 150 Baht ($5). If you buy 2 pieces of durian, you can buy Counter Strike Global Offensive game exactly.

Actually, durian price isn’t too expensive. But Chinese trader import durians from Thailand to sell in China mainland. Chinese botanist ever try to plant durian in Southen China, but look like planting doesn’t work well. Deliciousness from durian that planted in Southern China isn’t good as durians from Thailand, and look like many Chinese love durian too much. But Chinese people from mainland have more than 1 billion! So demand of durian is too much than durian supply from Thailand, so Thai people increase price together.

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How to peel it?

Let’s see video below.

How about deliciousness?

Don’t believe another one (and this article) until you eat it.

Although durian smell is really strong (as similar as Arabic perfume that you think it is so strong smell), but taste of piece of durian is really awesome. It’s same as custard. But if you eat too much, it make your body is hot.

Feeling when you bite durian meat is… OH!!! THAT ISN’T SAME ANYTHING! THIS IS ONLY DURIAN!

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When you eat durian, don’t drink with alcoholic beverage.

Durian with alcoholic beverage can make your body stunned and bad experience. This is strong warning to you. If you eat durian with alcoholic beverage, durian and alcoholic beverage can make toxic reaction on your digestive system. They can make you die.

Not only alcoholic beverage, soft drink with durian can make toxic reaction to flatulence. Don’t drink with them.

Boring durian? Let’s try this!

Where do you buy durian?

Because durian isn’t rare fruit in Thailand, so you can see anywhere around Bangkok. When you walk at pavements at Chaloenkrung road, you’ll see some shop sells durian simply. Or if you come to popular department store, such as Siam Paragon, EmQuartier, you’ll see durian at supermarket inside these. Or you walk at pavement at Yaowarat road, you will durian around Yaowarat. You can know quickly because of their ordinal smell.

Keep it closely.

Because durian is the strongest smell fruit in the world, so some hotels or transportation don’t allow anyone who bring durian openly. When you go to MRT subway, security guard forced you out because of your durian. You may think durian is good smell, but not everyone who think as you. Durian smell disturbs someone who hate durian’s smell. So don’t tease anyone with infamous smell from durian.

If you come to Thailand or Southeast Asia countries, let’s try to eat durians. This is the king of fruit that this king welcome everyone to eat him!


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