What is BNK48?

I ever wrote BNK48 with Thai language, now this is English’s turn.

Finally, BNK48 has 1 year anniversary since they debuted at EmQuartier. I remembered that time on last year, Drama-addict posted about BNK48 debuted in EmQuartier. That time no one knew BNK48 as same as today. Someone who knew BNK48 ever followed AKB48 and they knew AKB48 culture well. For BNK48, this is the phenomena of idol group culture that revolt the music artist society in Thailand.

Idol you can meet, but you cannot touch them (or more)


BNK48’s concept is same as AKB48 with “Idol you can meet” but “you cannot touch them.” Except handshake or cheki event. But AKB48’s rules are stricter than BNK48. For AKB48, you cannot photograph idol’s performance and everything you see idol, but BNK48, you can photograph idol’s performance, but not photograph idols when they work off.

Reason why AKB48 strict photography? Because AKB idols are business’s asset that can make money anywhere. With idol photos from photo set, it can raise value to be more expensive until trader satisfies. But if you photograph idol, you may sell idol photos you have taken unofficially. It’s illegal!

Many forbidden rules you should know if you need to follow 48 group idols.

You cannot

  • stay against idol members.
  • touch any idol members’ parts without permissions.
  • selfie with idol members. (except Cheki, 2shot events or any event you can take photos with idol members.)
  • handshake with idol members more than 8 seconds. (in handshake event)
  • send gifts or letter to member directly. If you need to send, please send only letter to BNK48 office.
  • bring your camera, photograph or record video from your smartphone inside theater performance in BNK48 campus and events that forbid these.

1 Year later, how to be changed?

Wota (BNK48’s fanclubs)


Too many Wota(s) who interest BNK48. First time I know BNK48, Wota(s) didn’t have too much as same at today. I ever came to BNK48 digital live studio at June or July 2017 (last year), there are a few Wota(s) who visited and cheered BNK48’s members and that time BNK48’s digital live studio broadcast everyday. That time could let under girls (BNK48 members who weren’t in Senbatsu (main team)) to say hi and broadcast together.

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Until 2nd single “Koisuru Fortune Cookie” released, this song was so really beautiful until everyone shared this song to their social networks. YouTube creators covered this song to their styles until it reached to the most hit song in Thailand. Many pubs at Thonglor used this song to play it. And this song let “Mobile”, BNK48 member who ever was under girl to be the center of Koisuru Fortune Cookie and she would be one of the hottest BNK48 member that every YouTube users said about her.

Koisuru Fortune Cookie let BNK48 to be popular!! BNK48 CEO planned about this idol group will be popular for 2 year later, but now this could be popular with less than year. That was satisfied and unbelievable for CEO’s vision. After BNK48’s popularity, many agencies made deals with BNK48 to show for promoting their brands too much. And when BNK48 were shown, Wota(s) were coming too much. That was too much until latest digital live studio broadcast, BNK48 staff couldn’t control some Wota(s) who were really aggressive and did wrong rules.

And latest handshake event, some people introduced themselves as “BNK48 influencers” who rules another Wota(s) and cheated queues. Not only handshake event, some opened concert, BNK48 influencers rules Wota(s) who mixed (cheer to idol with shouting with Japanese words to idols) as “Babarian’s habit” and condemned them. This is really nasty habit for Wota(s) together. Don’t do this or you will be condemned by users from social network.

Idol members


Today the most popular BNK48 member is “Cherprang” who is captain of BNK48 members. She has very great visions and manage members to be the best. Actually, she is really beautiful and love something that Wota love too, such as play games, reading Manga, dress cosplay, etc. And she has leadership too much.

Not only Cherprang, Music is really popular. She is very popular in Japan due to Japanese Wota(s) said Music is very beautiful for them and she loves to make funny face that will be posted in social network as “meme”. In Thailand, Wota(s) who support Music is really rich. First impression of Music was she headbutted to microphone accidentally. Then she said “Pikachu” sould that was similar as real Pikachu from Pokemon.

Actually, behind the success of BNK48 came from Izuta Rina, AKB48 member who moved to BNK48 as a part of BNK48 members, but she still trained everyone to be professional, such as singing, dancing, talking. Now many BNK48 members can perform very well than first time they debuted.

All BNK48 members never make Wota(s) make disappointment.

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Official staffs

Because BNK48 staffs never have experiences for making idol groups, so they have problems of event managements. Every Wota(s) on social networks blames every announcements from official posts, such as Digital Live Studio problems, Handshake event queue managements’ problem, order problems, changing 2shot day, etc.

Oh no!!! Too much problems, and BNK48 office can handle it?

One of the most controverted moment is “2shot event” from ordering “RIVER” first album.


RIVER album price is 1,000 Baht (~$32.25). You may shock instantly. WHY THIS ALBUM IS SO FUCKING EXPENSIVE? Because you can get too much premium items and you can took 2shot photo. 2shot is one of BNK48 event you can stay and photograph with you idol you love, but before you get 2shot, you must order RIVER album to random your permission to photograph with idol you love. But for BNK48, it’s different from AKB48. If you want to 2shot with idols from AKB48, you must random your permission to 2shot with your lovely idol. If you random and you satisfy result, you can purchase order. But for BNK48, you must order RIVER CD first before you random permission to 2shot with your lovely idol. That meant difficulty of choosing idols to photograph together is so harder than AKB48. Purchasing RIVER CD doesn’t mean you can 2shot. If you choose idols to 2shot but you’re unlucky, you will get “poster” as premium good.

2shot Event

Getting “poster” is meant “loser”.

After announcement of RIVER CD, many Wota(s) blamed to BNK48 heavily, and July 6 2018, day of 2shots was changed again.

Some Wota(s) already ordered airplane ticket to go this event, but BNK48 office changed days to 2shot. Many people blamed to official posts heavily.

From niche market, to mass market. Why BNK48 is growing up?

Koisuru Fortune Cookie likes nuke that ignites BNK48 goes to the moon. Reason why Koisuru Fortune Cookie is popular because many influencers from YouTube cover this song until this song is talked to much in social networks.

BNK48 shihainin (manager in Japanese) feels impressive too much. He thinks BNK48 will grow up for 2 years and BNK48 staffs plan to build theater. But look like BNK48 goes to the moon unbelievably until management cannot handle massive Wota(s). Every BNK48 events are announced, Wota(s) still blame as same as Call of Duty Facebook page.

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The impressions from BNK48

Many BNK48 songs make me eargasm.

My top 5 songs from BNK48 are…

  1. Sakura No Hanabiratachi
  2. RIVER
  3. Aitakatta
  4. Heavy Rotation
  5. Shonichi

If you cannot listen because of blocked your country, tell me.

I want to say my impression from “Sakura No Hanabiratachi” only. This song make me listen again again and again. Lyric meaning is really good and melody is really nice. But look like vocal in Thai version is worse than Japanese version. Composer doesn’t master this song well. If you want to listen Sakura No Hanabiratachi, please listen Japanese version.


For me, I think I interest Jan BNK48, but today she is already graduated. After that, I doesn’t interest someone too much.

Jan, former BNK48 members.

For other member, I interest Jennis. Reason is Jennis is similar as Mookmuay, my close friend who ever let me photograph.

Jennis BNK48

How is Jennis similar as Mookmuay, look at photos below. Left is Jennis, right is Mookmuay.

Disappointments with BNK48

Some Wota(s) said “mixing is really nasty habit”

Now many Wota(s) love to photograph idol members in events. Shouting to idol (called “mix”) is really nasty. Actually, Wota(s) mix to idol members for giving spirits of supports to idol members.

One of the best of mix is BNK48 event at King Power in Songkran Festival.

But after that, there are darkside influencers blame Wota(s) who mix is nasty habit. They hunt Wota(s) who mix and punish them with social sanction. Until Wota(s) who ever mix BNK48 songs feel bad and bored to BNK48 society and support rival idol group named “SWEAT16!” that let Wota(s) mix freely as they want.

Result of darkside influencers hunt Wota(s) who mix BNK48 song is…

What are Wota(s) doing? They mix with wrong rhythm!!


I think one of the best from BNK48 is song “Sakura No Hanabiratachi”. This make me eargasm. Although there are many problems from BNK48 event managements, such as managing queue in Handshake event, but look like BNK48 official still improve their management to be professional. Every announcements from BNK48 official are blamed from Wota(s).

But for BNK48 members, they are really nice and make Wota(s) feel good. Every idol members are giving wills to everyone. They will make your heart to be filled with love!


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