When online content business is red ocean

Red ocean is business word that means “High competitive market”, such as smartphone that have new features every years or cosmetics products.

Since blog was started from 2004, that time no one use phones to read blogs. Only way to read blog must have computer with high speed internet first. (That time ADSL with 256kbps is the fastest internet for that time.) And reading blog is only at computer only. So blog is really niche in that time.

Until many people around the world uses smartphone to access any contents from online, blog will influence everyone for knowing news, events, friend’s activities or something you are interesting. You can know everything from internet (if internet service provider doesn’t block some websites or services.) and you learn everything you want that doesn’t only seek books in library.

But now, bloggers who were born for niche society, now they will be the most influenced people in this time due to everyone must access internet first. 90% of smartphone apps, such as games, social network must access internet. And many bloggers can make money for only write contents on their blogs. That will be fun for someone who need new job.

Blogger is active income and passive income business.


I ever wrote my quote about “Domain name is land, your website is my home” on “When Facebook isn’t our home” article. But I describe again. I think blog website is online property that you can make since you don’t have too much budget. Blogs use “time” to invest for being greater. And if your blog will be popular, some investors can buy your blog with very expensive price. That same as real estate business!

OK, someone doesn’t understand. Why website has value as property? Because every website can be upgraded their values until someone think buying website can make their business greater. And now many business must have website to reach people.

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Blogger can be active and passive income in same time. For active income, you must write articles and share it on social network, but for passive income, you create some advertise banner area on your blog and let someone rent banner access.

Not only these, blogger will be great influencer who can tell something and everyone believe it. With blogger job, you can get money and power to rule online society.

Why today blogger job is red ocean?

Because blogger job is really big competition. It’s easy job who can get everything and having owned website make them to be professional people. Many content creator must compete with rivals heavily. It’s same as boxing championship league. If you’re the champion, many challengers are waiting to compete and seize your champion belt. So being champion is easier than owning champion belt for long time.

Blogger is same as champion. If you’re blog champion, many challengers are defeating you.

Quote “Content is king” is over.


You pay attention to make your article to the best, but someone who has more gimmick can win everyone’s mind. Not only content is king, you must know who can know your article.

In this era, I think “Speed is king, content is queen and connection is jack.” Reason why speed is king because if you pay attention to make content to be perfect, time you use will be too much. But if you know that meme will be intrend, you write articles fast as you can and publish first and you will be 1st place of each content.

Don’t think too much. Write faster and you will be winner. Blog is the hardest competition in this time.

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Are you YouTuber? Place your YouTube clips on your website!

Owning your owned website still be professional blogger. Entering YouTube in this time is too hard. But if you create your owned website and someone knew their website, they will access website easier and they enter to your YouTube channel.



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