Thonglor report in June 2018

I went to Thonglor twice a weeks for meeting my friends at night. Sometimes I ate grilled meats with Sichuan pepper or Chinese called “Mhala”. In Thailand, Thai people said “Mhala” as same as Chinese. But today look like grilled meat shop that I always buy stops selling. Their shop are lost.

And many places in Thonglor are changed to land of condominium. Nightclubs in Thonglor has only  nightclubs, such as BEAM, Violett, DEMO, Nunglen, Tderm, and DND. Other nightlife zones are pub & restaurant.

So what are Thonglor changed? Let’s check it out.

Origin bought land of Arena 10 for making mega project.


Actually, Arena 10 land is owned by businessman named “Ton”, but Origin property that have Nomura as partner bought some part of Arena 10 land for making mega project with 11 Billion Baht budget. They will make new kingdom of luxurious condominium named “Park”

“The collaboration with Nomura for making this mega project is continuous collaboration for exchanging innovative, design, know how with top 3 property company from Japan. And this will be the leadership of property business with all circuit and will be No.1 brand in the heart of consumer as same as Nomura’s brand.”

Now Thonglor will be one of the most expensive zone in Bangkok. Many condominiums are building for selling to all investors who interest property investment.

Many famous nightclub are closed But underground nightclubs style still open.

I missed Safe House, Saloon too much. Now many pub & restaurants are opening to compete the nightlife business. For me, the best nightclub in Thonglor I’ve ever gone is “Sonic Ekamai, Safe House and Grease Mon-sat”, but these nightclub are permanently closed.


Sonic and Safe House are true nightclub with EDM or Hip Hop songs. No any live concert are here. I ever come to Safe House to see DJ Soda concert. In 2015, DJ Soda was very popular for Thai fans due to her beautiful body and when she showed on stage, look like audiences took photos too much.

Today, Thonglor are changed from underground nightclub zone to live concert nightlife zone. Not only place for nightlife, many cafe with sweet and delicious foods are opening around Thonglor. If you come to Sukhumvit 49 alley, you may enjoy foods around this area.

New f*cking luxury condominium AESTIQ will start pre-sales.

AESTIQ is condominium from REAL ASSET, property company that my friend “Mookmuay” works as sales consultant at here. I ever passed AESTIQ area and I think this would make Thonglor zone to be more expensive.

Luxurious condominium at Thonglor I already knew are Park, Tela, Khun, AESTIQ, etc. reason of many condominium are placed because Thonglor is the heart of residence in Bangkok. You can go to office immediately to Sathorn with BTS, or you can go to EmQuartier or Emporium easily.


And look like this is one of the most reason why many luxurious condominium are placed at Thonglor. Gray line monorail train will start at Thonglor.

Gray line monorail train is the train with 2 routes by BRT. Route that start at Thonglor is very interested. Now BTS Thonglor will be the interchange station in future. You can go to the north of Bangkok this this train easily. Problem of Bangkok in today is no any trains to transport at the north of Bangkok. Coming to Ramintra is really hard. So this is reason why Thonglor has many condominiums.

Where are you, Mhalahee?

Mhalahee is one of the most interest grill meat cafe I’ve ever visited. Actually, my friend Poom advertised Mhalahee on her Facebook profile. I ever watched it and interested this cafe for long time. I wanted to taste how about Mhala, the spiced ingredients from China. Until I tried it at Mhalahee cafe.


I ever promoted this cafe since March for making YouTube video clips. Now many people interested Mhala until someday porks or beefs are sold out.

But last week I went to Mhalahee cafe and looked like Mhalahee was closed everyday. Friday, Saturday, Mhalahee still closed. I suspected where Mhalahee is.


  • Don’t worry. Underground nightclub style still open. You can get underground experiences at Violett, DEMO, BEAM.
  • If you love to listen live music, Thonglor is the greatest choice.
  • Thonglor will be one of the most expensive place in Bangkok due to monorail train project.
  • Now Thonglor isn’t only place for nightlife. You can enjoy sweet & delicious foods at dessert cafes at daytime too.

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