When Facebook isn’t our home…

Since Facebook announced about ads system and news feed algorithm, many Facebook page administrators controverted about post reach rate that still lower every months. Until many bloggers (such as me) warned Facebook content creators to move yourself to other platform or create your owned website or blog. That’s really deserved.

Finally, content creators from Facebook couldn’t tolerate Facebook’s news feed algorithm. They focused themselves to YouTube and made their YouTube channel as new home place that will be safe. Reason of moving themselves to YouTube because YouTube could let creator momentized from their video clips they created.

Actually, I made YouTube channel with game content named “CAMPZZZ”. And I thought YouTube clips supported everyone who are “REAL” YouTuber. Real YouTuber from my opinion is doing VLOG, show themselves. But CAMPZZZ has problem with lower audiences due to YouTube has “algorithm” that recommended video must watched until video is finished. And I am not celebrities that isn’t too handsome hahaha.

Back to blog or website, I think…

In online world, domain name is land and website is your home.

Actually, I was born with blogger who use website as media. I am back to my website campzzz.com and create my new website called campzzzgaming.com that is part of YouTube channel “CAMPZZZ”. campzzzgaming.com is game website with Thai language. Now I focus to write articles on my 2 websites again.

For content creator, website can control more than social network.

Posting contents on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube is so easy. Many content creators now recommend YouTube due to great momentization. But now YouTube channel that will have momentization feature is harder than 2 years ago, such as your subscriber is least 1,000 subscribers and watching minutes is too high (I don’t remember.) to get authority of reviewing YouTube channel to get momentization feature.

And momentization from YouTube I think that’s hardest. Because video that can be momentized must have suitable content for everyone (no 18+), no copyrighted sounds, footages. I has ever given up more than 5 times to make YouTube channel. Until now, I focus blog websites more than YouTube channel.

Advantages of making contents on my blog websites is no silly copyright issues as YouTube. When I use references, I refer and tag to original contents from other website. And Nintendo contents that prohibit on YouTube, I can write posts on my website and momentize it.

Look like I say to YouTube too much. Now Facebook’s turn.

Now Facebook is land of the trend. You can intrend easily with only watching posts on Facebook. Before I have been back to my websites, I wrote contents on Facebook and shared on Facebook world. But disadvantages of creating posts on Facebook was plain text. But now look like Facebook application tries to make obstacles to read posts. When I press see more, some posts are shifted down to comment section. And some posts with “see more” or “continue reading” are blocked with virtual keyboard on my smartphone. It means when I need to read content with “see more” or “continue reading”, it meant I’m ready to comment.

Damn! I need to read what that post say, but… When I tap “continue reading”, Facebook shifts down to comment section immediately. I think it’s a bug, but this bug haven’t fixed with 2 weeks.

Same post above, but this is always happened. I tap “continue reading”, but virtual keyboard block contents below automatically. I need to read posts, but… why virtual keyboard show automatically?

When I read comments, virtual keyboard blocks comments section immediately! Facebook on last year doesn’t have this bug and look like Facebook doesn’t fix this for long time.

So think again when you still create contents on Facebook. I warn you.


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